Student Fees

Fees effective Summer 2015

1. *Enrollment Fee: $46 per unit.

2. Students who are non-residents of California or International Students, with or without F-1 visas, will be assessed $235 per unit ($200 per unit non-resident tuition and a $35 per unit capital outlay fee) in addition to the $46 per unit enrollment fee above. Active military personnel and their dependents are exempt for one year from this out-of-state tuition charge. Non-resident students who have been admitted to a class or classes without payment of the fee because of falsification of information submitted by or for them, shall be subject to dismissal from college.

3. Student Activity Fee: $10 per semester. ($4 Summer Term)

4. Student Health Fee: $19 per semester; 16 for summer session. Students who rely on prayer for healing and can supply the college with documentation from their spiritual leader are exempt.

5. Parking: $40 per semester for automobiles. ($25 Summer Term) Students must present their original receipt when picking up the parking permit. Mopeds and motorcycles may use designated areas at no charge.

6. Materials Fees: as listed with courses in this class schedule.

*Subject to Legislative Change

Resident Requirements

To be considered a California resident for purposes of admission toCerritos College, a student is required to have resided in the state of California for at least one year and one day prior to the start of the semester for which the student is enrolling.


1. Enrollment Fee, Non-Resident and International Student Tuition, and Student Health Fee, will be refunded if a student drops within the"drop by" dates. There are no exceptions.

2. Student Activity Fee and Parking Fee will be refunded if a student has successfully dropped classes within the 'drop by' dates. Student Activity Card and Parking Sticker must be surrendered at the time the student applies for the refund. There are no exceptions.

3. One year limit on refunds. Students seeking refunds must meet requirements of #1 and #2 above to be eligible. Students then have one year from the beginning of the semester in which fees were due to apply for a refund. Beyond the one-year limit, students will no longer be eligible for a refund.

For more information on refunds, please refer to our Refund Policies and Procedures page.


If you need information on, or are interested in applying for the Board of Governors Fee Waiver, please follow the link below.