Extensive Laboratory Forms and Procedures

Calendar of Deadlines:

For many faculty, the Extensive Laboratory Classification application will be a project that is worked on during a semester. In order to aid in the preparation process, a calendar has been created which will list the fall, spring, and summer semester dates; semester holidays; curriculum deadlines; and ELC application deadlines. It is important to note that unless you are making changes to a course that will affect your course outline or instilling major changes to the curriculum of the course, the laboratory will not have to go to the Chancellor's Office for re-approval. If, however, either of those stipulations apply to your altered lab course, the curriculum deadline dates should become part of your preparatory timeline.

The deadline for the application for the Fall 2017 semester is 6 pm on Friday, September 22 per the MOU; which means you must have at least the application submitted to Academic Affairs by this date and time. If your packet of materials is not ready for submission by September 22, then you may delay submitting it until October 13. Packets will not be accepted past 12 pm, October 13.


Application Information:

For a written explanation of the application process as well as a checklist to aid in the gathering of materials, see How to Apply for Extensive Laboratory Classification. To download the application itself, see Application Form (Please download the application form prior to filling it out. The online version will not allow saved changes.)

Other helpful documents to download are as follows:


Informational Workshops:

The ELC Committe will be holding workshops on the application and submission procedure (September 19, 2017 from 11:00 - 11:45 am in SS-138). In these workshops, members of the Extensive Laboratory Committee will explain the application process, documentation, and how to calculate the adjusted teaching overload. Please see Workshop Information Packet to retrieve many of the handouts distributed at the workshops.


Committee Members:

Per the MOU, the Extensive Lab Committee consists of faculty members appointed by the Faculty Senate to represent each of the instructional divisions. It also consists of managers appointed by the Vice President of Academic Affairs. These committee members should be used as resources for faculty who may have questions regarding the application, submission process, workload calculations, etc.


Susan LePere, Instructor, Science, Engineering, & Mathematics

Kevin Taylor, Instructor, Technology


Mageya Sharp, Instructor, Business

Rigo Castro, Counselor, Counseling & Career Services

Connie Mayfield, Instructor, Fine Arts & Communications

Natalie Sartin, Instructor, Liberal Arts

Ralph Casas, Instructor, Health Occupations

Debbie Jensen, Instructor/Coach, Health, Physical Education, Dance & Athletics

Jaclyn Ronquillo-Adachi, Instructor, Humanities & Social Sciences

Monica Lopez, Instructor, Library


Stephanie Murguia, Dean, Admissions, Records, & Services

Gary Pritchard, Interim Dean, Academic Affairs

Connie Boardman, Dean, Science, Engineering, & Mathematics

Nick Real, Dean, Technology 


To view the labs previously approved for ELC status, click on the years below:


For information on the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or to read the MOU directly, visit the Human Resources/CCFF webpage or see Extensive Laboratory Compensation & Workload.


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