Instructional & Student Services Deans

Instructional Deans

Gary Pritchardemail link, Interim Dean of Academic Affairs, Ext. 2226

Connie Boardmanemail link, Dean of Science, Engineering & Math,  Ext. 2661

Rachel Masonemail link, Dean of Business Education, Humanities & Social Sciences, Ext. 2700

Shawna Basketteemail link, Dean of Academic Success, Ext. 2413

Gary Pritchardemail link, Dean of Fine Arts & Communications, Ext. 2602

Sandy Marksemail link, Dean of Health Occupations,  Ext. 2554

Nick Realemail link, Dean of Technology, Ext. 2903 

David Fabishemail link, Dean of Liberal Arts,  Ext. 2801

Daniel Smithemail link, Dean of Physical Education & Athletics, Ext. 2863


Student Services Deans

Elizabeth Milleremail link, Dean of Student Services, Ext. 2476

Lucinda Abornemail link, Dean of Disabled Student Programs & Services, Ext. 2334

Renee De Longemail link, Dean of Counseling Services, Ext. 2128

Stephanie Murguiaemail link, Dean of Admissions, Records & Services, Ext. 2102

Kim Westbyemail link, Dean of Student Support Services & Financial Aid, Ext. 2393