Academic Excellence Awards

The Academic Excellence Awards Annual Program is sponsored by the Cerritos College Foundation and conducted by the Faculty Senate. The program has the wonderful tradition of honoring our brightest and most talented students in their major areas. These students demonstrate how Cerritos College is fulfilling its mission by building futures through learning. The students chosen for this award have made academic excellence a priority in the pursuit of their education, and they must meet the following rigorous criteria:

  • Completion of a minimum of 30 units at Cerritos College with a 3.5 grade point average or higher.
  • Completion of nine units in the area of recognition with a 3.5 grade point average or higher.
  • Enrolled in a minimum of 2 units during the Fall semester.
  • The recommendation of a faculty member in the area of recognition.

Cerritos College Academic Excellence AwardTips for Student SuccessCerritos College Academic Excellence Award

2014 Academic Excellence Awards Ceremony Slide Show

Attention 2014 AEA Award winners: Download Your Pics!

Who or what inspired you to succeed?
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What obstacles have you had to overcome?
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How do you plan your week?
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How do you juggle school, work, and family?
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How do you prepare to study for a test?
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How do you focus your energy when an assignment is due?
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What do you do when you are overwhelmed?
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What is your best advice to other students?
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What do you like best about Cerritos College?
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Summaries of Student Success Videos

Who or what inspired you:

  • Listen to your instructors’ suggestions
  • Make your family proud

Overcoming obstacles:

  • Look for ways to get around obstacles instead of letting them stop you
  • Leave the past behind and move on
  • Readjust to being a student by planning your courses and scheduling study and homework time


  • Take time to write down upcoming assignments and then stick to your due-date schedule
  • Use planning tools such as white boards and calendars to write down all tasks and assignments
  • Be a few days ahead in your work in case of unexpected occurrences
  • Be a student first, and put social time and work second
  • Use your time wisely by studying on your days off

Juggling School, Family, and Work:

  • Read the material before class.  You will understand the new concepts presented in class so extra time doesn’t have to be spent on school work that could be used for family or work
  • Schedule all study time and assignments.  Be sure to regularly schedule a day off

Preparing for tests:

  • Review your notes prior to class so you can get the most from class time
  • Study the relevant vocabulary
  • Use the online study guide that is provided with the textbook
  • Make notes in your textbook and develop a highlighting system to color code important material


  • This is your job – be prepared to get the job done, whatever it takes.
  • Take breaks, but keep working on assignments. Realize that you may have to stay up later
  • .Do things early so you have more time to focus on them.

Dealing with Feeling Overwhelmed:

  • Step away from your studies and take a break. You may have a fresh perspective when you return
  • Stop and gather your thoughts
  • Regain your confidence
  • Take your time. If you have done your assignments ahead of time, you now have time to deal with the feeling of being overwhelmed
  • Don’t let yourself get distracted with other things. Stay on track
  • Take a nap

Best advice:

  • Plan your schedule so you don’t have an overwhelming course load
  • Buy the textbook
  • Get all assignments done and turned in by the due date – that’s bare minimum!
  • Take a Counseling and Guidance course (CG 200) to help you plan your academic future

What Makes Cerritos the Best:

  • If you are ready to be disciplined and apply yourself, the opportunities to learn are endless at Cerritos
  • Instructors make themselves available to students and they are very well-informed
  • Cerritos College instructors are a nice bunch!

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