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California Insurance Career Program

The California Insurance Careers Program

What is the California Insurance Careers Program?

The California Insurance Careers Program ( is designed in response to industry demand for qualified entry level workers. Participating community colleges (16 signed up) provide insurance, business, and communication skills to prepare students for entry-level insurance positions. The program also provides web-based tools designed to create links between students and employers including company profiles and resume posting.

Career Pathways

There are a range of career pathways in the insurance industry that use diverse personality skills. Explore some of the following positions to determine if they match your personality type. Actuaries – analytical skills necessary to predict the risks involved in insuring certain businesses and occupations.

Field Representatives – knowledgeable, personable, and a good communicator are important skills as you act as liaisons between insurance companies and the agents/brokers that sell the company’s policies.

Loss Control Specialists – thorough and well organized are critical skills as you visit factories and work places to spot accidents before they happen.

Risk Managers – ability to identify problems and develop solutions to reduce a company’s potential risk.

Underwriters – clear thinking and the ability to use information to assess a situation will help determine whether your company should provide insurance to applicants.

Agents and Brokers – using good business and communication skills to work directly with customers to advise them on how best to protect what they value.

Claims Adjustors – ability to assess a situation and help people during times of need.

Administrative – Clerical assistants, accountants, financial managers, personnel managers, training managers, and data systems manager.



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