Cerritos College Commencement - Faculty Information

The Commencement Committee strongly encourages you to participate and is committed to making this ceremony an enjoyable experience for all. 


  • All Faculty wishing to participate will need to report to the Student Center by 5:00 PM on Friday, May 18, 2018. The ceremony will start at 6:00 PM sharp! Please make every effort to be on-time for this event.
  • Faculty participants should arrive dressed in appropriate academic regalia. Faculty should wear their academic regalia to be identified by security staff (not a lost parent/guest) and allowed entrance.
  • If assistance is needed in walking to the stadium, please let the organizers know upon arrival.
  • Please do not bring valuables to the ceremony. There is no secure storage space available.
  • Please do not carry purses, cameras, laptops, iPads, or other paraphernalia in the procession. Programs will be distributed in the Student Center, upon your arrival.
  • Please turn off or silence all cell phones.

Procession organizers will provide additional instructions that day, lead the procession, and assist with seating. Please allow the organizers to provide direction to the correct row in the faculty seating area.



All of the information on the form is required (yes, even if you ordered last year) and must be submitted to the bookstore no later than March 28, 2018. It takes between 4-6 weeks to get the Cap & Gowns into the store, so, any order received after March 28 will be subject to additional shipping and handling fee.

 Order Faculty RegaliaPDF document

Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate regalia rental and purchase prices:

ASSOCIATE & BACHELOR               Rent         Purchase

Cap, Gown & Tassel                            $25.50       $38.00

Hood Only                                            $20.00       $28.00

Gown Only                                           $16.00       $26.00

Cap Only                                                   N/A       $ 6.00


MASTER                                             Rent       Purchase

Cap, Gown & Tassel                          $26.00         $40.00

Hood Only                                          $21.00        $32.00

Gown Only                                         $16.50        $30.00

Cap Only                                             N/A            $6.00


DOCTORATE                                      Rent        Purchase

Tam & Gown                                      $40.00        $48.00

Hood Only                                          $25.00        $36.00

Gown Only                                         $20.00        $38.00

Tam Only                                            $15.25         N/A


For more information on cap and gown rental or purchase, the Bookstore manager may be reached by email at: bfreeman@follett.com