ASCC Student Government

Associated Students of Cerritos College

The ASCC, with the support of the Board of Trustees, provides for a student government that finances, organizes, and directs a variety of programs that enhance the quality of student life at Cerritos College.

The ASCC provides for extracurricular activity programs that include athletics, films, concerts, recreational sports, dances, special events, and other social activities. The student government organization also provides for such auxiliary student services as the Student Center, Bookstore, Food Court, Game Room, and Snack Bars.

Patterned after the federal and state constitution, student government is made up of the the Legislative Branch (Senate), the Executive Branch (Cabinet), and the Judicial Branch (Court).

Associated Student Body Presidentis the official elected representative and spokesperson for the Associated Students.  Elected in April of each year, the president serves for one year presiding over all Executive Cabinet meetings, organizing and directing student body programs. Other duties are specifically listed in the Associated Student Body Constitution. 

Associated Student Body Vice President is also elected in April on the same ticket with the student body president. As in the federal system, the vice president is the official chairperson of the Student Senate and presides over the legislative body. The vice president frequently carries out perfunctory duties of the student body president and assumes the duties and responsibilities of the president if the president is unable to continue in office.

Executive Branch (Cabinet) members are called commissioners and are appointed by the student body president and confirmed by the student senate. Commissioners are responsible for the direction of many student body services and programs. Most cabinet members have had a varied background in club projects and other student government programs. There are thirteen (13) commissioners who serve in the president's cabinet.    

(Cabinet Meetings every Monday in the Fall & Spring Semester, at 2:00pm in BK111/112)

Legislative Branch (Senate) is elected every September. They serve for one year and meet weekly. Approximately 30 seats are available each semester. A candidate for the senate must have a 2.25 grade point average and be enrolled in a minimum of five (5) units. Each elected student senator represents the student body-at-large and sponsors recommending legislation that generally should meet the needs and interests of most students. Senate vacancies may be filled by appointments of the student body president.

(Senate Meetings are every Wednesday in the Fall & Spring Semester, at 2:00pm in BK111/112)

Judicial Branch (Court) is appointed by the student body president and confirmed by the student senate. The court hears cases pertaining to matters related to the student constitution and its internal problems. The court, in addition to settling disputes between students, is charged with the major responsibility of organizing, supervising, operating and judging all student body elections through its elections board.  The court may have a maximum of nine justices, but may legally function with as few as five. Court justices are appointed because of an interest exhibited in student government and a good basic understanding of the student constitution.

(Court Meetings are every Tuesday in the Fall & Spring Semester, at 11:00am in BK111/112)

Shared Governance:  If you want to get involved but are unable to join one of the branches above due to class conflict or other reasons you might want to consider working with a campus wide committee.  The ASCC President appoints students to several on campus committees that meet throughout the year, at different days and times. You need to be a student in good standing with a 2.0 GPA, currently enrolled in 5 units at Cerritos College and have a current semester sticker.  For more information on the different committees available contact the ASCC President.

For more information on how you may get involved or anything regarding Student Government, please call (562) 860-2451, extension 2477 Student Body President or extension 2478 Student Body Vice President found on the student government leaders page.