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Student Activities Fee

Student Activities Fee

The Cerritos College Student Activities Fee (CCSA) provides each student with a photo ID and a current semester sticker. The CCSA has many benefits around campus and in the community. The Student Activities Sticker and card helps to improve campus security and provide you with another form of picture identification. Possession of this card will enable Cerritos College to maintain and comply with state mandates regarding all areas of safety and accountability.  

CCSA Fee Services and Discounts

In addition for its campus security use, CCSA Fee provides access to college-wide services, such as:


The student activities fee is subject to a Student Activities Fee Waiver

Revenue from the collection of this fee may be used by the ASCC to support or oppose political measures.

The Student Activities Fee can be covered by your Pell Grant. Follow the steps to have your Student Activities fee covered by your Pell Grant.



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