The ASCC Mission

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Our Mission

"The ASCC, as a responsive, student-centered organization, provides excellence, in leadership and professional development for the diverse community of Cerritos College by conveying high quality services, programs, products, and facilities."


Our Vision

ASCC fosters student success through leadership development, academic excellence and student life. 



The Associate Students of Cerritos College was established in 1956 nearly sixty years ago at Excelsior high school which was then the temporary location while the new institution looked for its permanent location. The beginning of student government for Cerritos College was founded by a group of students who took the initiative in improving the new and incoming college. The students dedication for the new campus involved in placing our official school colors, our campus mascot, and the first official student body organization at Cerritos. The formation of the student body organization nearly sixty years ago has led to many successful changes and initiatives which have been beneficial to the many students enrolled at Cerritos College. Some of those successes has led to today from the organization of clubs, department programs, and the leadership of many Cerritos College students. Milestones within the Associated Students of Cerritos College have included from the installation of hydration stations, which provides students with clean & filtered water. This has also helped with the Go-Green initiative of tackling the use of plastic bottles to move towards a more sustainability institution. Today student leaders continue to push for more campus courses as well as for resources. The Associated Students of Cerritos College continues to push for student involvement which makes students more connected with each other.