Level and Section Changes

Program changes which involve level changes in skill and performance classes such as shorthand, typing, math, music, etc. may be made during the first week of the session.
  1. The English Department, at its own discretion, will allow students to make level adjustments during the first week of day classes and during the first two weeks for extended day classes.

  2. No level changes will be allowed in the Mathematics Department after the first two weeks of classes.

  3. Students may make level change in Work Experience classes during the first week. Only a reduction of hours may be made after the first week.

NOTE: Level changes after the first week may be allowed with the consent of both instructors and approval by the instructional dean.

NOTE: Section changes may not be made between terms or semesters. A student may not drop a first six/eight week course and then enroll in a second six/eight week course by executing a section change. The student is required to officially drop the first six/eight week class and then pay the appropriate fees to be enrolled in the second six/eight week class. The money does not transfer from one term to another.

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