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*Note: Classes meeting in LH or S are located in the new Science building listed as SCI in the class schedule map.

1) Schedule+ ("live" information) Browse by department, session, and status including open, closed, heldand cancelled classes.

2) Schedule & Catalog ("live" information) Click on the Class Schedule link and search for the term (i.e.1079 for Fall 2007, 1149 for Fall 2014). To browse subjects, click on the magnifying glass, then on the yellow Lookup button. Click on a subject (such as ENGL for English) and then on the yellow Search button. You should then see class sections for the term you selected.

*Hint: the magnifying glass is your friend! Use it and the Lookup button to list Terms, Subjects, Course ID's, Subject Areas, etc.

3) PDF format (PDF - More descriptive but less current than #1 & #2 )

4) 2015-2016 General Catalog

Final Exam Schedules:

Archived Information(PDF):


Questions about the schedule should be directed to Sala Mauinatu, or the Dean of Admissions