Appointment Override Policy

Enrollment appointments are assigned priority based on completion of units at Cerritos College. Generally, the more units that you have sucessfully completed the earlier your enrollment appointment will be. Cerritos College limits enrollment priority at 110 units. After a student exceeds 110 units completed, their appointment period is moved to the lowest enrollment priority slot.If you are over the 110 unit limit, and have nearly completed your program of study at Cerritos College, it is possible to override your enrollment appointment by using the following guidelines.

Petition Form and Documentation:
Petitions for exception to the 110-unit Enrollment Priority Reset Rule must be submitted on the Cerritos College Extenuating Circumstance PetitionPDF document.

  • The course or courses in which the student wishes to enroll using this exception must be listed on the petition form, including course number (e.g., HIST 242) and class number (e.g., 23019).
  • All petitions for this exception require documentation. Attach supporting documents (external transcripts, letters, etc.) using a stapler.

Petitions are subject to a case by case consideration by the Dean of Admissions, Records, & Services. Petitions will only be approved if the student is close to the completion of their program of study (e.g., within 12 units of graduation.) A maximum of 12 units of coursework may be approved (subject to course availability and prerequisite eligibility.) Students are advised to choose courses carefully, and in consultation with a Cerritos College counselor, department chair, or division dean.

Petition-by-Term Requirement:
Petitions for this exception apply to one term, only. A student wishing to receive an exception for another term must submit a new petition, complete with all required information and documentation, by the deadline. Note: If sequentially scheduled courses are required for completion, the subsequent course(s) are to be statedon the first petition. Additionally, petitions to enroll in the subsequent courses must be submitted withevidence of the initial approval.

Petitions are due no less than three (3) weeks prior to the first date of enrollment for each term. The first date of enrollment for each term is published in the Schedule of Classes. Petitions are submitted to the Dean of Admissions, Records and Services. Students are advised to make copies of all material submitted, as petitions and attached documents are not returned.