Course Audit


Auditing courses is permitted at Cerritos College. An auditor is a student who attends a course(s) for no credit. Auditing may be available for any student who wishes to attend a course lecture/lab for information, review purposes or skills building once the instructor's permission is granted.

Students who are accepted in a course on an audit basis are required to pay a fee of $15.00 per unit in the Admissions and Records Office. The audit fee is not refundable for the student. Students who enroll in credit courses for 10 or more semester units shall not be charged a fee to audit three (3) or fewer units per term.

Formal requests to audit cannot be made until the close of registration. Course attendance as an auditor shall be permitted only after students otherwise desiring to enroll in the course for credit toward a degree or certificate have had an opportunity to enroll.

Students auditing are prohibited from changing their enrollment to credit status and the attendance of auditors is not included for purposes of state apportionment.

For additional information regarding auditing, students may make inquiries at the Office of Admissions and Records.