Other Fees

Transcript Request

Rush Service is a 2 hr. processing time for your transcripts (not including mailing time, holidays or weekends).  It will be mailed out to the address you specify. There is a $10 fee per transcript for this service.

Regular Service is 10 business days processing time (not including mailing time, holidays or weekends).  There is a $3 fee per transcript after requesting the two free copies.

Follow this link for more information on ordering transcripts.

Enrollment Verification

The following are the fees for verification of enrollment:

$2.00 per verification of status.  Verification of enrollment in an upcoming semester will be done during the second week of that semester.
$5.00 additional rush fee per verification to be completed within the same business day.

Exemptions for these fees are for verification of enrollment and grade point average for the California Student Aid Commission for financial aid purposes.


Students may be required to purchase instructional and other materials required for a credit or noncredit course. Such materials shall be of continuing value to a student outside of the classroom setting and shall not be solely or exclusively available from the District. (Title 5  Cal. Admin. Code Sec. 59400) Any questions with respect to the interpretation of this regulation shall be in writing and addressed to the College’s Vice President of Academic Affairs.