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Programs of Study

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Important Information

This is an Advisement Tool: This web page has been designed to assist you in determining your academic progress toward graduation at Cerritos College and/or your progress towards meeting transfer admissions requirements. While efforts have been made to ensure its accuracy, final responsibility for meeting graduation requirements resides with the student. The Evaluations department in the Office of Admissions, Records and Services along with your Academic Department, will verify your successful completion of degree requirements. If you have questions or concerns about the information provided here, please schedule an appointment with your Counselor immediately.

Continuous Attendance: A student is considered in continuous attendance if he/she recieves a grade (A,B,C,D,F,I,P,NP,W, or FW) in any semester (Fall or Spring) during each academic year.

Catalog Year: The year that is used to determine your graduation requirements.


General Education Patterns
Cerritos College offers an array of general education coursework to students so that they may learn concepts and methods of inquiry that have breadth, depth and relevance to their lives. The general education curriculum includes coursework from the liberal arts, humanities, science, mathematics, arts and social sciences disciplines. Possession of knowledge from these disciplines will contribute to personal growth, professional development and citizenship by increasing students’ awareness of the past and present and by developing their creative, adaptive and critical thinking abilities.

Plan A is designed primarily for those students interested in preparing for a vocational career upon graduation. Plan A may also be used by university transfer students and for students in vocational majors who may possibly wish to transfer in the future. However, there are courses listed under Plan A that are not transferable for general education credit to the four-year universities. Therefore, students wishing to use this option should see a Cerritos College counselor for advice in selecting the A.A. general education plan that in combination with a major will best match their educational and career goals. Please see the Plan A degree description page for further details.
Plan A Description Page


    • Plan B (show) Designed to recieve your AA degree while fulfilling CSUGE transfer requirements.

Plan B is designed primarily for students who will transfer to a California State University (CSU) campus and are not interested in attending a University of California campus. Students may use this plan to combine completion of both the Associate in Arts general education requirements, and the California State University (CSU) General Education Certification pattern. Students should see a counselor for advice on selecting the A.A. General Education plan that in combination with a major will best match their educational and career goals. Please see the Plan B degree description page for further details.
Plan B Description Page


  • Plan C (show) Designed to recieve your AA degree while fulfilling IGETC transfer requirements.

    Plan C is designed primarily for students who intend to transfer to the University of California (UC), or who are undecided between transferring to the University of California or the California State University. Students may use this plan to combine completion of both the A.A. degree general education requirements and the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) requirements. Plan C may not be recommended for some majors at certain CSU or UC campuses. Please see the Plan C description page for further details.
    Plan C Description Page


Programs of Study

Cerritos College offers four different patterns under programs of study:
CT= Certificate of Achievement; AA= Plan A; AB= Plan B; AC= Plan C

  • A (show)

    Degree Requirements (A):
    AutoCollisionRepair:App Mgt-CT- (ABAPMGT-CT)
    Auto Collision Repair: Tech-AA- (ABCOL-AA)
    Auto Collision Repair: Tech-AB- (ABCOL-AB)
    Auto Collision Repair: Tech-AC- (ABCOL-AC)
    Auto Collision Repair:Tech-CT- (ABCOL-CT)
    AutoCollisionRepair:Refinsh-CT- (ABREF-CT)
    Accounting-AA- (ACCT-AA)
    Accounting-AB- (ACCT-AB)
    Accounting-AC- (ACCT-AC)
    Accounting-CT- (ACCT-CT)
    Advanced Accounting-AA- (ACCTAD-AA)
    Advanced Accounting-AB- (ACCTAD-AB)
    Advanced Accounting-AC- (ACCTAD-AC)
    Advanced Accounting-CT- (ACCTAD-CT)
    Adv Microcomputer Acct Clrk-AA- (ACCTAMA-AA)
    Adv Microcomputer Acct Clrk-AB- (ACCTAMA-AB)
    Adv Microcomputer Acct Clrk-AC- (ACCTAMA-AC)
    Adv Microcomputer Acct Clrk-CT- (ACCTAMA-CT)
    Microcomputer Account Clerk-AA- (ACCTMA-AA)
    Microcomputer Account Clerk-AB- (ACCTMA-AB)
    Microcomputer Account Clerk-AC- (ACCTMA-AC)
    Microcomputer Account Clerk-CT- (ACCTMA-CT)
    Accounting:Payroll Ad-AA- (ACCTPA-AA)
    Accounting:Payroll Ad-AB- (ACCTPA-AB)
    Accounting:Payroll Ad-AC- (ACCTPA-AC)
    Accounting:Payroll Ad-CT- (ACCTPA-CT)
    Administration of Justice-AA- (AJ-AA)
    Administration of Justice-AB- (AJ-AB)
    Administration of Justice-AC- (AJ-AC)
    Administration of Justice-AST- (AJ-AST)
    Admin of Justice/Tran-AA- (AJ-TR)
    Admin of Justice/Tran-AB- (AJ-TR_AB)
    Admin of Justice/Tran-AC- (AJ-TR_AC)
    Anthropology- (ANTH-AA)
    Anthropology for Transfer-AAT- (ANTH-AAT)
    Architectural Technology-AA- (ARCH-AA)
    Architectural Technology-AB- (ARCH-AB)
    Architectural Technology-AC- (ARCH-AC)
    Architectural Technology-CT- (ARCH-CT)
    Architecture/Tran-AA- (ARCH-TR)
    Architecture/Tran-AB- (ARCH-TR_AB)
    Architecture/Tran-AC- (ARCH-TR_AC)
    Computer Animation-AA- (ARTCA-AA)
    Computer Animation-AB- (ARTCA-AB)
    Computer Animation-AC- (ARTCA-AC)
    Computer Animation-CT- (ARTCA-CT)
    Art/Design: Ceramics-AA- (ARTCER-AA)
    Art/Design: Ceramics-AB- (ARTCER-AB)
    Art/Design: Ceramics-AC- (ARTCER-AC)
    Art/Design: Drawing   Paint-AA- (ARTDRAW-AA)
    Art/Design: Drawing   Paint-AB- (ARTDRAW-AB)
    Art/Design: Drawing   Paint-AC- (ARTDRAW-AC)
    Art/Design: Graphic Design-AA- (ARTGD-AA)
    Art/Design: Graphic Design-AB- (ARTGD-AB)
    Art/Design: Graphic Design-AC- (ARTGD-AC)
    Art History for Transfer-AAT- (ARTHIS-AAT)
    Art/Design: Printmaking-AA- (ARTPRNT-AA)
    Art/Design: Printmaking-AB- (ARTPRNT-AB)
    Art/Design: Printmaking-AC- (ARTPRNT-AC)
    Studio Arts for Transfer-AAT- (ARTS-AAT)
    Alt Fuels Service Tech-AA- (AUTOAF-AA)
    Alt Fuels Service Tech-AB- (AUTOAF-AB)
    Alt Fuels Service Tech-AC- (AUTOAF-AC)
    Alt Fuels Service Tech-CT- (AUTOAF-CT)
    Auto Elec/Diagnosis Tech-AA- (AUTODT-AA)
    Auto Elec/Diagnosis Tech-AB- (AUTODT-AB)
    Auto Elec/Diagnosis Tech-AC- (AUTODT-AC)
    Auto Elec/Diagnosis Tech-CT- (AUTODT-CT)
    Auto General Technician-AA- (AUTOGT-AA)
    Auto General Technician-AB- (AUTOGT-AB)
    Auto General Technician-AC- (AUTOGT-AC)
    Auto General Technician-CT- (AUTOGT-CT)
    Auto Management-AA- (AUTOMGT-AA)
    Auto Management-AB- (AUTOMGT-AB)
    Auto Management-AC- (AUTOMGT-AC)
    Auto Management-CT- (AUTOMGT-CT)
    Auto Manufacture Specialty-AA- (AUTOMS-AA)
    Auto Manufacture Specialty-AB- (AUTOMS-AB)
    Auto Manufacture Specialty-AC- (AUTOMS-AC)
    Auto Manufacture Specialty-AS- (AUTOMS-AS)
    Auto Manufacture Specialty-CT- (AUTOMS-CT)
    Auto Engine/Machine Tech-AA- (AUTOMT-AA)
    Auto Engine/Machine Tech-AB- (AUTOMT-AB)
    Auto Engine/Machine Tech-AC- (AUTOMT-AC)
    Auto Engine/Machine Tech-CT- (AUTOMT-CT)

    Degree Requirements (A):

  • B (show)

    Business Administration-AA- (BA-AA)
    Business Administration-AB- (BA-AB)
    Business Administration-AC- (BA-AC)
    Business Administration-AST- (BA-AST)
    Business Administration-CT- (BA-CT)
    Business Admin/Tran-AA- (BA-TR)
    Business Admin/Tran-AB- (BA-TR_AB)
    Business Admin/Tran-AC- (BA-TR_AC)
    Human Resources Management-AA- (BA_HRM-AA)
    Human Resources Management-AB- (BA_HRM-AB)
    Human Resources Management-AC- (BA_HRM-AC)
    International Business-AA- (BA_IB-AA)
    International Business-AB- (BA_IB-AB)
    International Business-AC- (BA_IB-AC)
    International Business-CT- (BA_IB-CT)
    Business Management-AA- (BA_MGT-AA)
    Business Management-AB- (BA_MGT-AB)
    Business Management-AC- (BA_MGT-AC)
    Business Management-CT- (BA_MGT-CT)
    Business Marketing-AA- (BA_MKG-AA)
    Business Marketing-AB- (BA_MKG-AB)
    Business Marketing-AC- (BA_MKG-AC)
    Business Marketing-CT- (BA_MKG-CT)
    Retail Management (WAFC)-AA- (BA_RMGT-AA)
    Retail Management (WAFC)-AB- (BA_RMGT-AB)
    Retail Management (WAFC)-AC- (BA_RMGT-AC)
    Retail Management (WAFC)-CT- (BA_RMGT-CT)
    Small Bus Mgt/Entrepeneur-AA- (BA_SBM-AA)
    Small Bus Mgt/Entrepeneur-AB- (BA_SBM-AB)
    Small Bus Mgt/Entrepeneur-AC- (BA_SBM-AC)
    Small Bus Mgt/Entrepeneur-CT- (BA_SBM-CT)
    General Office-AA- (BCOTGO-AA)
    General Office-AB- (BCOTGO-AB)
    General Office-AC- (BCOTGO-AC)
    General Office-CT- (BCOTGO-CT)
    Legal Secretary-AA- (BCOTLS-AA)
    Legal Secretary-AB- (BCOTLS-AB)
    Legal Secretary-AC- (BCOTLS-AC)
    Legal Secretary-CT- (BCOTLS-CT)
    Secretary-Admin Assistant-AA- (BCOTSAA-AA)
    Secretary-Admin Assistant-AB- (BCOTSAA-AB)
    Secretary-Admin Assistant-AC- (BCOTSAA-AC)
    Secretary-Admin Assistant-CT- (BCOTSAA-CT)
    Biology- (BIOL-AA)
    Biology- (BIOL-AB)
    Biology- (BIOL-AC)
    Biology/Tran-AA- (BIOL-TR)
    Biology/Tran-AB- (BIOL-TR_AB)
    Biology/Tran-AC- (BIOL-TR_AC)
    Botany- (BOT-AA)
    Botany- (BOT-AB)
    Botany- (BOT-AC)
    Botany/Tran-AA- (BOT-TR)
    Botany/Tran-AB- (BOT-TR_AB)
    Botany/Tran-AC- (BOT-TR_AC)

    Degree Requirements (B):

  • C (show)

    Culinary Arts:Baking Pastry-AA- (CABAKE-AA)
    Culinary Arts:Baking Pastry-AB- (CABAKE-AB)
    Culinary Arts:Baking Pastry-AC- (CABAKE-AC)
    Culinary Arts:Baking Pastry-AS- (CABAKE-AS)
    Culinary Arts:Baking Pastry-CT- (CABAKE-CT)
    Culinary Arts:Chef Training-AA- (CACHEF-AA)
    Culinary Arts:Chef Training-AB- (CACHEF-AB)
    Culinary Arts:Chef Training-AC- (CACHEF-AC)
    Culinary Arts:Chef Training-CT- (CACHEF-CT)
    Culinary Arts: Prof Cooking-AB- (CAPC-AB)
    Culinary Arts: Prof Cooking-AC- (CAPC-AC)
    Culinary Arts: Prof Cooking-AS- (CAPC-AS)
    Culinary Arts: Prof Cooking-CT- (CAPC-CT)
    CD: Early Childhood-AA- (CDEC-AA)
    CD: Early Childhood-AB- (CDEC-AB)
    CD: Early Childhood-AC- (CDEC-AC)
    CD: Early Childhood-CT- (CDEC-CT)
    CD: Edu Paraprofessional-AA- (CDEP-AA)
    CD: Edu Paraprofessional-AB- (CDEP-AB)
    CD: Edu Paraprofessional-AC- (CDEP-AC)
    CD: Edu Paraprofessional-CT- (CDEP-CT)
    CD: Preschool Director-AA- (CDPD-AA)
    CD: Preschool Director-AB- (CDPD-AB)
    CD: Preschool Director-AC- (CDPD-AC)
    CD: Preschool Director-CT- (CDPD-CT)
    Chemistry/Tran-AA- (CHEM-TR)
    Chemistry/Tran-AB- (CHEM-TR_AB)
    Chemistry/Tran-AC- (CHEM-TR_AC)
    Chicano Studies- (CHICANO-AA)
    Computer Science for Tran-AST- (CIS-AST)
    CIS:IBM AS/400 Spec-AA- (CISIBM-AA)
    CIS:IBM AS/400 Spec-AB- (CISIBM-AB)
    CIS:IBM AS/400 Spec-AC- (CISIBM-AC)
    CIS:IBM AS/400 Spec-CT- (CISIBM-CT)
    CIS:Microcomputer Spec-AA- (CISMS-AA)
    CIS:Microcomputer Spec-AB- (CISMS-AB)
    CIS:Microcomputer Spec-AC- (CISMS-AC)
    CIS:Microcomputer Spec-CT- (CISMS-CT)
    CIS:NetworkSystemsAdm-AA- (CISNSA-AA)
    CIS:NetworkSystemsAdm-AB- (CISNSA-AB)
    CIS:NetworkSystemsAdm-AC- (CISNSA-AC)
    CIS:NetworkSystemsAdm-CT- (CISNSA-CT)
    CIS:Network Tech/Operators-AA- (CISNTO-AA)
    CIS:Network Tech/Operators-AB- (CISNTO-AB)
    CIS:Network Tech/Operators-AC- (CISNTO-AC)
    CIS:Network Tech/Operators-CT- (CISNTO-CT)
    CIS:Programmer-AA- (CISP-AA)
    CIS:Programmer-AB- (CISP-AB)
    CIS:Programmer-AC- (CISP-AC)
    CIS:Programmer-CT- (CISP-CT)
    CIS:Systems Analyst-AA- (CISSA-AA)
    CIS:Systems Analyst-AB- (CISSA-AB)
    CIS:Systems Analyst-AC- (CISSA-AC)
    CIS:Systems Analyst-CT- (CISSA-CT)
    Comm Studies for Transfer-AAT- (COMM-AAT)
    Computer Science/Tran-AB- (COMPSCI-AB)
    Computer Science/Tran-AC- (COMPSCI-AC)
    Computer Science/Tran-AA- (COMPSCI-TR)
    Cosmetology-AA- (COS-AA)
    Cosmetology-AB- (COS-AB)
    Cosmetology-AC- (COS-AC)
    Cosmetology-CT- (COS-CT)
    Esthetician-AA- (COSEST-AA)
    Esthetician-AB- (COSEST-AB)
    Esthetician-AC- (COSEST-AC)
    Esthetician-CT- (COSEST-CT)
    CSU General Education-CT- (CSUGE-CT)
    Creative Writing- (CW-CT)

    Degree Requirements (C):

  • D (show)

    Dental Assisting-AA- (DA-AA)
    Dental Assisting-AB- (DA-AB)
    Dental Assisting-AC- (DA-AC)
    Dental Assisting-CT- (DA-CT)
    Dance/Tran- (DANCE-TR)
    Dental Hygiene-AA- (DH-AA)
    Dental Hygiene-AB- (DH-AB)
    Dental Hygiene-AC- (DH-AC)

    Degree Requirements (D):

  • E (show)

    Early Childhood Education-AST- (ECE-AST)
    Economics-AA- (ECON-AA)
    Economics for Transfer-AAT- (ECON-AAT)
    Economics-AB- (ECON-AB)
    Economics-AC- (ECON-AC)
    Educational Technology-CT- (EDT-CT)
    Instructional Multi-Media-CT- (EDTIMM-CT)
    English for Transfer-AAT- (ENGL-AAT)
    English/Tran-AA- (ENGL-TR)
    English/Tran-AB- (ENGL-TR_AB)
    English/Tran-AC- (ENGL-TR_AC)
    Engineering Design Tech-AA- (ENGT-AA)
    Engineering Design Tech-AB- (ENGT-AB)
    Engineering Design Tech-AC- (ENGT-AC)
    Engineering Design Tech-CT- (ENGT-CT)
    Engineering-Tran- (ENGT-TR)
    Engineering-AB- (ENGT-TR_AB)
    Engineering-AC- (ENGT-TR_AC)
    Engineering Design Prod Tec-AA- (ENGTDP-AA)
    Engineering Design Prod Tec-AB- (ENGTDP-AB)
    Engineering Design Prod Tec-AC- (ENGTDP-AC)
    Engineering Design Prod Tec-CT- (ENGTDP-CT)
    Engineering Technology-AA- (ET-AA)
    ET:Electrical ElectronicEngrTe- (ETEEET-CT)
    ET: Industrial Engineering Tec- (ETIET-CT)
    ET:Mech Engineering Tech- (ETMET-CT)

    Degree Requirements (E):

  • F - K (show)

    Film Production-AA- (FILMPRO-AA)
    Film Production-AB- (FILMPRO-AB)
    Film Production-AC- (FILMPRO-AC)
    French-AA- (FREN-AA)
    French-AB- (FREN-AB)
    French-AC- (FREN-AC)
    Geography-AAT- (GEOG-AAT)
    Geography/Tran- (GEOG-TR)
    Geology for Transfer-AST- (GEOL-AST)
    German-AA- (GERM-AA)
    German-AB- (GERM-AB)
    German-AC- (GERM-AC)
    Global Studies- (GS-AA)
    Global Studies- (GS-CT)
    History for Transfer-AAT- (HIST-AAT)
    Industrial Arts Education/Tran- (IA-TR)
    Ind Tech/Construction/Tran-AB- (INDTCON-AB)
    Ind Tech/Construction/Tran-AC- (INDTCON-AC)
    Ind Tech/Construction/Tran- (INDTCON-TR)
    Ind Tech/Electronics-AA- (INDTEL-AA)
    Ind Tech/Electronics-AB- (INDTEL-AB)
    Ind Tech/Electronics-AC- (INDTEL-AC)
    Ind Tech/Electronics-CT- (INDTEL-CT)
    Ind Tech/Automated Mfg-AA- (INDTMFG-AA)
    Ind Tech/Automated Mfg-AB- (INDTMFG-AB)
    Ind Tech/Automated Mfg-AC- (INDTMFG-AC)
    Ind Tech/Automated Mfg-CT- (INDTMFG-CT)
    Ind Tech/Automated Mfg/Tran- (INDTMFG-TR)
    Ins: Property   Casual-AA- (INSR-AA)
    Ins: Property   Casual-AB- (INSR-AB)
    Ins: Property   Casual-AC- (INSR-AC)
    Ins: Property   Casual-CT- (INSR-CT)
    Global Politics/Diplomacy-AA- (INTLGP-AA)
    Global Politics/Diplomacy-AB- (INTLGP-AB)
    Global Politics/Diplomacy-AC- (INTLGP-AC)
    Global Politics/Diplomacy-CT- (INTLGP-CT)
    Global Resources-AA- (INTLGR-AA)
    Global Resources-AB- (INTLGR-AB)
    Global Resources-AC- (INTLGR-AC)
    Global Resources-CT- (INTLGR-CT)
    Interpreting/Translating-AA- (INTLINT-AA)
    Interpreting/Translating-AB- (INTLINT-AB)
    Interpreting/Translating-AC- (INTLINT-AC)
    Interpreting/Translating-CT- (INTLINT-CT)
    Intl Studies: Wrld Cultures-AA- (INTLWC-AA)
    Intl Studies: Wrld Cultures-AB- (INTLWC-AB)
    Intl Studies: Wrld Cultures-AC- (INTLWC-AC)
    Intl Studies: Wrld Cultures-CT- (INTLWC-CT)
    Journalism for Transfer-AAT- (JOUR-AAT)
    Kinesiology for Transfer-AAT- (KIN-AAT)

    Degree Requirements (F - K):

  • L (show)

    LAS: Art   Culture-AA- (LAS_AC-AA)
    LAS: Art   Culture-AB- (LAS_AC-AB)
    LAS: Art   Culture-AC- (LAS_AC-AC)
    LAS: Communications-AA- (LAS_COM-AA)
    LAS: Communications-AB- (LAS_COM-AB)
    LAS: Communications-AC- (LAS_COM-AC)
    LAS: Culture   Society-AA- (LAS_CS-AA)
    LAS: Culture   Society-AB- (LAS_CS-AB)
    LAS: Culture   Society-AC- (LAS_CS-AC)
    LAS: Earth   Space Sci-AA- (LAS_ESS-AA)
    LAS: Earth   Space Sci-AB- (LAS_ESS-AB)
    LAS: Earth   Space Sci-AC- (LAS_ESS-AC)
    LAS: Hist Perspectives-AA- (LAS_HP-AA)
    LAS: Hist Perspectives-AB- (LAS_HP-AB)
    LAS: Hist Perspectives-AC- (LAS_HP-AC)
    LAS: Lit   Lang-AA- (LAS_LL-AA)
    LAS: Lit   Lang-AB- (LAS_LL-AB)
    LAS: Lit   Lang-AC- (LAS_LL-AC)
    LAS: Media Studies-AB- (LAS_MS-AB)
    LAS: Media Studies-AC- (LAS_MS-AC)
    LAS: Media Studies-AA- (LAS_MS_AA)
    LAS: Soc Behavioral Sci-AA- (LAS_SBS-AA)
    LAS: Soc Behavioral Sci-AB- (LAS_SBS-AB)
    LAS: Soc Behavioral Sci-AC- (LAS_SBS-AC)
    LAS: Self Dev   Soc Beh-AA- (LAS_SD-AA)
    LAS: Self Dev   Soc Beh-AB- (LAS_SD-AB)
    LAS: Self Dev   Soc Beh-AC- (LAS_SD-AC)
    LAS: Visual Communication-AA- (LAS_VC-AA)
    LAS: Visual Communication-AB- (LAS_VC-AB)
    LAS: Visual Communication-AC- (LAS_VC-AC)
    Paralegal-AA- (LAW-AA)
    Paralegal-AB- (LAW-AB)
    Paralegal-AC- (LAW-AC)
    Paralegal-CT- (LAW-CT)

    Degree Requirements (L):

  • M (show)

    Medical Assistant-AA- (MA-AA)
    Medical Assistant-AB- (MA-AB)
    Medical Assistant-AC- (MA-AC)
    Medical Assistant-CT- (MA-CT)
    Mathematics for Transfer-AST- (MATH-AST)
    Journalism-AA- (MCJ-AA)
    Journalism-AB- (MCJ-AB)
    Journalism-AC- (MCJ-AC)
    Journalism-CT- (MCJ-CT)
    Public Relations-CT- (MCPR-CT)
    Mental Health Worker-AA- (MENHEAL-AA)
    Mental Health Worker-AB- (MENHEAL-AB)
    Mental Health Worker-AC- (MENHEAL-AC)
    Mental Health Worker-CT- (MENHEAL-CT)
    Microbiology-AA- (MICR-AA)
    Microbiology-AB- (MICR-AB)
    Microbiology-AC- (MICR-AC)
    Microbiology/Tran-AA- (MICR-TR)
    Microbiology/Tran-AB- (MICR-TR_AB)
    Microbiology/Tran-AC- (MICR-TR_AC)
    MTT/Coordinate Metrology- (MTTCM-CT)
    MTT/Machinist-AA- (MTTMACH-AA)
    MTT/Machinist-AB- (MTTMACH-AB)
    MTT/Machinist-AC- (MTTMACH-AC)
    MTT/Machinist-CT- (MTTMACH-CT)
    MTT Num Control Mach Opr-AA- (MTTNCMO-AA)
    MTT Num Control Mach Opr-AB- (MTTNCMO-AB)
    MTT Num Control Mach Opr-AC- (MTTNCMO-AC)
    MTT Num Control Mach Opr-CT- (MTTNCMO-CT)
    MTT/Num Control Tool Prog-AA- (MTTNCTP-AA)
    MTT/Num Control Tool Prog-AB- (MTTNCTP-AB)
    MTT/Num Control Tool Prog-AC- (MTTNCTP-AC)
    MTT/Num Control Tool Prog-CT- (MTTNCTP-CT)
    MTT/Tool   Die Maker-AA- (MTTTDM-AA)
    MTT/Tool   Die Maker-AB- (MTTTDM-AB)
    MTT/Tool   Die Maker-AC- (MTTTDM-AC)
    MTT/Tool   Die Maker-CT- (MTTTDM-CT)
    Music-Commerical-AA- (MUSCOM-AA)
    Music-Commerical-AB- (MUSCOM-AB)
    Music-Commerical-AC- (MUSCOM-AC)
    Music-General-AA- (MUSGN-AA)
    Music-General-AB- (MUSGN-AB)
    Music-General-AC- (MUSGN-AC)
    Music for Transfer-AAT- (MUSIC-AAT)

    Degree Requirements (M):

  • N (show)

    Natural Sciences: General-AA- (NATSCI-AA)
    Natural Sciences: General-AB- (NATSCI-AB)
    Natural Sciences: General-AC- (NATSCI-AC)
    NPD/Auto Aftermarket Pro-AA- (NPDAUTO-AA)
    NPD/Auto Aftermarket Pro-AB- (NPDAUTO-AB)
    NPD/Auto Aftermarket Pro-AC- (NPDAUTO-AC)
    NPD/Auto Aftermarket Pro-CT- (NPDAUTO-CT)
    NPD/New Product Dev   Fab-AA- (NPDFAB-AA)
    NPD/New Product Dev   Fab-AB- (NPDFAB-AB)
    NPD/New Product Dev   Fab-AC- (NPDFAB-AC)
    NPD/New Product Dev   Fab-CT- (NPDFAB-CT)
    Nursing-AA- (NRSGRN-AA)
    Nursing-AB- (NRSGRN-AB)
    Nursing-AC- (NRSGRN-AC)

    Degree Requirements (N):

  • P (show)

    Physical Education-AA- (PE-AA)
    Exercise Sci/Athl Trainer-AA- (PEATA-AA)
    Exercise Sci/Athl Trainer-AB- (PEATA-AB)
    Exercise Sci/Athl Trainer-AC- (PEATA-AC)
    Exercise Sci/Athl Trainer-CT- (PEATA-CT)
    Exercise Sci/Fit Specialist-AA- (PEFITSP-AA)
    Exercise Sci/Fit Specialist-AB- (PEFITSP-AB)
    Exercise Sci/Fit Specialist-AC- (PEFITSP-AC)
    Exercise Sci/Fit Specialist-CT- (PEFITSP-CT)
    Pharmacy Technician-AA- (PHAR-AA)
    Pharmacy Technician-AB- (PHAR-AB)
    Pharmacy Technician-AC- (PHAR-AC)
    Pharmacy Technician-CT- (PHAR-CT)
    Philosophy for Transfer- (PHIL-AAT)
    Photography-AA- (PHOT-AA)
    Photography-AB- (PHOT-AB)
    Photography-AC- (PHOT-AC)
    Physics for Transfer-AST- (PHYS-AST)
    Composite Inspection-AA- (PMTCI-AA)
    Composite Inspection-AB- (PMTCI-AB)
    Composite Inspection-AC- (PMTCI-AC)
    Composite Inspection-CT- (PMTCI-CT)
    Composites Manufacturing-AA- (PMTCM-AA)
    Composites Manufacturing-AB- (PMTCM-AB)
    Composites Manufacturing-AC- (PMTCM-AC)
    Composites Manufacturing-CT- (PMTCM-CT)
    Plastic/Comp Tool Design-AA- (PMTCTD-AA)
    Plastic/Comp Tool Design-AB- (PMTCTD-AB)
    Plastic/Comp Tool Design-AC- (PMTCTD-AC)
    Plastic/Comp Tool Design-CT- (PMTCTD-CT)
    Plastic Manufacturing-AA- (PMTPM-AA)
    Plastic Manufacturing-AB- (PMTPM-AB)
    Plastic Manufacturing-AC- (PMTPM-AC)
    Plastic Manufacturing-CT- (PMTPM-CT)
    Political Sci for Transfer-AAT- (POL-AAT)
    Psychology for Transfer-AAT- (PSYC-AAT)
    Physical Therapist Asst-AA- (PTA-AA)
    Physical Therapist Asst-AB- (PTA-AB)
    Physical Therapist Asst-AC- (PTA-AC)
    Physical Therapist Asst-AS- (PTA-AS)

    Degree Requirements (P):

  • R (show)

    Real Estate-AA- (REBUS-AA)
    Real Estate-AB- (REBUS-AB)
    Real Estate-AC- (REBUS-AC)
    Real Estate-CT- (REBUS-CT)
    California Real Estate-CT- (RECAL-CT)
    Religious Studies-AA- (RELSTU-AA)
    Religious Studies-CT- (RELSTU-CT)

    Degree Requirements (R):

  • S (show)

    Speech-Lang Pathology Asst-AA- (SLPA-AA)
    Speech-Lang Pathology Asst-AB- (SLPA-AB)
    Speech-Lang Pathology Asst-AC- (SLPA-AC)
    Speech-Lang Pathology Aide-CT- (SLPAID-CT)
    Sociology for Transfer-AAT- (SOC-AAT)
    Spanish for Transfer-AAT- (SPAN-AAT)
    Spanish/Tran-AA- (SPAN-TR)
    Spanish/Tran-AB- (SPAN-TR_AB)
    Spanish/Tran-AC- (SPAN-TR_AC)
    Speech-AA- (SPCH-AA)
    Speech Communication-COC- (SPCH-COC)
    Speech/Tran- (SPCH-TR)

    Degree Requirements (S):

  • T-Z (show)

    Elementary Teacher Education- (TEACH-AAT)
    Theatre Arts:Acting or Tech-AA- (TH-AA)
    Theatre Arts for Transfer-AAT- (TH-AAT)
    Theatre Arts:Acting or Tech-AB- (TH-AB)
    Theatre Arts:Acting or Tech-AC- (TH-AC)
    Weld Fabrication   Layout-AA- (WELDFAB-AA)
    Weld Fabrication   Layout-CT- (WELDFAB-CT)
    Gas Tungsten Arc Welding-AA- (WELDGTA-AA)
    Gas Tungsten Arc Welding-AB- (WELDGTA-AB)
    Gas Tungsten Arc Welding-AC- (WELDGTA-AC)
    Gas Tungsten Arc Welding-CT- (WELDGTA-CT)
    Inert Gas Welding-AA- (WELDIG-AA)
    Inert Gas Welding-AB- (WELDIG-AB)
    Inert Gas Welding-AC- (WELDIG-AC)
    Inert Gas Welding-CT- (WELDIG-CT)
    Pipe Welding-AA- (WELDPIP-AA)
    Pipe Welding-AB- (WELDPIP-AB)
    Pipe Welding-AC- (WELDPIP-AC)
    Pipe Welding-CT- (WELDPIP-CT)
    Women's and Gender Studies- (WGS-AA)
    Women's and Gender Studies- (WGS-AB)
    Women's and Gender Studies- (WGS-AC)
    Arc Welding-AA- (WLDARC-AA)
    Arc Welding-AB- (WLDARC-AB)
    Arc Welding-AC- (WLDARC-AC)
    Arc Welding-CT- (WLDARC-CT)
    Woodworking Mfg Tech-AA- (WMT-AA)
    Woodworking Mfg Tech-AB- (WMT-AB)
    Woodworking Mfg Tech-AC- (WMT-AC)
    Woodworking Mfg Tech-CT- (WMT-CT)
    WMT/Cabinetmaking-AA- (WMTCM-AA)
    WMT/Cabinetmaking-AB- (WMTCM-AB)
    WMT/Cabinetmaking-AC- (WMTCM-AC)
    WMT/Cabinetmaking-CT- (WMTCM-CT)
    WMT/Furniture Making-AA- (WMTFM-AA)
    WMT/Furniture Making-AB- (WMTFM-AB)
    WMT/Furniture Making-AC- (WMTFM-AC)
    WMT/Furniture Making-CT- (WMTFM-CT)
    Women's Studies-AA- (WS-AA)
    Women's Studies-AB- (WS-AB)
    Women's Studies-AC- (WS-AC)
    Zoology-AA- (ZOO-AA)
    Zoology-AB- (ZOO-AB)
    Zoology-AC- (ZOO-AC)
    Zoology/Tran-AA- (ZOO-TR)
    Zoology/Tran-AB- (ZOO-TR_AB)
    Zoology/Tran-AC- (ZOO-TR_AC)

    Degree Requirements (T-Z):

Transfer Patterns

Transfer Patterns (show)

Verifications of Completion

Verifications of Completion

  • Art & Design (show)
    Occupational Preparedness in Desktop Publishing/Journalism
    Digital Graphics Foundation
    Digital Layout Foundation
    3D Animation Foundation
  • Automotive (show)

    Automotive Collision Repair
    Automotive Customizing and Fabrication
    Custom Painting
    Automotive Damage Appraisal
    Automotivve Mechanical Repair - Installer
  • Business Administraion (show)
    Business Administration Minor
  • Computer and Information Sciences (show)
    Computer Support Technician
    Systems Analyst
    Database Application Development for Microsoft Access
    IBM iSeries 400 Server Operators
    Linux Application Productivity
    Microsoft Systems ADministrator
    Network Administrator
    Project Management for Information Technology
    Software Development in C++/Visual C#
    Software Development in Database Application
    Software Development in Java
    Software Development in Unix/Linux Environment
    Software Development in Visual
    Web Page Development
    Web Server Development
  • Engineering Design Technology (show)

    Machine Design and Manufacturing
    3-D Parametric Modeling Design and Presentations
    Sheet Metal Layout Applications with 3-D Parametric Solid Modeling
    Engineering Design and Production Technology

  • English (show)

    Creative Writing/Screenwriting

  • Law (show)

    Legal Minor
    Law (Paralegal)

  • Machine Tool Technology (show)


  • Manufacturing Technology (show)

    Quality Assurance (QA)
    Quality Control (QC)
    Statistical Process Control (SPC)
    Total Quality Management (TQM)
    ISO 9001-2008
    Advanced Quality Systems (AQS)
    Materials & Processes

  • Mass Communications (show)

    Broadcast Journalism
    Occupational Preparedness in Desktop Publishing/Journalism
    Online Journalism

  • Photography (show)

    Digital Photography
    Fine Art Photography
    Occupational Preparedness in Photography
    Traditional Black-and-White Photography

  • Piano (show)

    Teaching Beginning Piano
    Teaching Intermediate Piano

  • Physical Education (show)


  • Plastics / Composites Manufacturing Techology (show)

    Plastics Manufacturing Technology Speciality
    Inspection and Testing Speciality
    Injection Molding Speciality
    Moldmaking Speciality
    Fiberglass Speciality
    Composite Technician Speciality
    Fiberglass/Composite Repair Speciality
    Tooling Speciality
    Industrial Design Speciality

  • Real Estate (show)

    Real Estate Department Award

  • Sign Language (show)

    Sign Language

  • Theater Arts (show)

    Entertainment Technology Occupational Program

  • Woodworking Manufacturing Technologies (show)

    CNC Woodworking
    Architectural Millwork
    Hand Tools

Verifications of Completion

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