Cerritos College -- Important Announcements for Students

Important Announcements for -- Summer 2017

We are glad you are here at Cerritos. We want your new semester to start well and be successful.


Attend the first Class Meeting and Arrive Early
The demand for seats in classes is high, so don’t be late or absent from your classes.  You risk losing your seat and being dropped from class.  Before spring semester begins you should tour the campus and locate each of your classrooms.  Large construction projects are underway.  You will find changes in parking lots and walkways.  Lot C-10, off of 166th Street, is our largest parking area.  You are advised to arrive on campus at least 1 ½ hours before the start of your classes each day of the first week.

Class Add, Drop, and other Deadlines
Familiarize yourself with add, drop and other college deadlines. Dates for the main class terms are provided at http://www.cerritos.edu/calendar and on pages 5 - 9 of the Schedule of Classes PDF at http://www.cerritos.edu/schedule-pdf.

Textbooks for Less—Book Rental
The Cerritos College Bookstore is introducing a new rental option on many of the most popular textbooks. Other new cost-cutting and time-saving options are launching now.  Get more at:  http://www.cerritos.edu/bookstore.

Neighborhood Parking Tow-Away Zones
The City of Norwalk enforces immediate tow-away of vehicles parked illegally in the tow-away zones in the neighborhoods around the campus. Fines and fees can cost hundreds of dollars. Be sure to park legally. Click here for more information: http://www.cerritos.edu/parking.

Campus Construction
Portions of some parking lots will be unavailable due to construction projects. Walkways have changed. Watch for fences and signs in most lots. Find our updated map at: http://www.cerritos.edu/map-pdf.

Financial Aid
The new Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is available at www.fafsa.gov. Make sure to submit your application as early as possible.

Pay College Fees before Deadlines—Check MyCERRITOS to Confirm Your Enrollment
Don’t risk losing your classes, pay your fees promptly.

Do You Need to Apply or Re-Apply?
Yes, if you never applied or if you applied before but did not attend. Try to log on to MyCERRITOS at http://my.cerritos.edu to check your status. Click on Student Application - Online, to apply or reapply.

Plan to be Flexible in Scheduling
Many classes in English, math, and reading will become full before the semester begins. These classes are offered at many times. If the time you selected is closed, look at other times. Sign up on the wait list when necessary. Be prepared to wait and take the course next term.

Use MyCerritos regularly for important information. View your "holds", "To Do List", and Account Summary. Learn more at http://www.cerritos.edu/student-guide-pdf

Emergency Text Alerts
All students should sign up for Cerritos College emergency text alerts. Sign up can take as little as 1 minute. Subscribe via the following link: http://www.cerritos.edu/ccalerts.

Thank you for your time and attention,
The Student Services Team