Adaptive Software Locations

Assistive Technology - Adaptive Software - Locations

The High Tech Center (HTC) is Cerritos Colleges first line of assistance for Assistive Technology.  Here trainers can work one-on-one with students to become knowledgeable in the use of specialized software and hardware devices to accommodate many learning and physical disabilities.  They can also direct them to Access Technology Workstations around the Cerritos Campus.

Within the Learning Resource Center are found the Student Success Centers (LC-137, 166, and LC-208, Main Library, Typing Room,  and Reading Lab.  Each of these areas has a variety of software and devices for accommodations including  ZoomText Fusion, Read and Write, Kurzweil 3000, Premier AT and Closed Circuit Televisions.  Software is upgraded on an on-going basis, there may be some stations for several weeks with an earlier version of a recently upgraded program.

Testing Center
(Liberal Arts/DSPS - 140):

  1. Read and Write
  2. ZoomTextFusion
  3. Premier AT
  4. Kurzweil 3000 
  5. CCTVs     

DSP&S Classroom
(Liberal Arts/DSPS - 137)

  1. Premier AT
  2. Read & Write       
  3. ZoomTextFusion
  4. Kurzweil 3000 

Main Library: 
(LC -60) 

  1. Under Review

Student Success Centers :
(LC Under review)

  1. Under Review                (All Workstations)

 Typing Room
(LC-61) 3 scan workstations                 (A,B, &C.)

  1. Under Review
  2. CCTV position (2each)                  (B & C)

Classrooms and Division Computer Labs will have Access Technology placed in response to the needs of students registered with the Disabled Students Program and Services.