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Universal Access - Alternative Media - Captioning


Suns basketball with captioning

California community colleges have a legal responsibility to provide equal access to video resources for students, faculty and staff who are deaf or hard of hearing. This is often most easily accomplished through open and closed captioning of video materials. If you are unfamiliar with the captioning process, you might wish to begin by exploring the definition of some common terms. This list of terms is provided by the National Captioning Institute.

At Cerritos College captioning is an institutional effort.  The project encompasses all video used for instructional purposes anywhere on the campus.  Cerritos College is responsible for reviewing and  cataloging all video materials and ensuring they meet accessibility requirements.  This is a continuing process.  All legacy items needed for historical or future use will be dealt with.  The goal is the entire collection will be brought into compliance.  There is a lot of legacy video to be modified and new video being acquired and created every day.  This is why no instructional video should be purchased without it being captioned.

There is a stringent procedure that must be followed to legally add captions to video products. 

Library Captioning Guidelines


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