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The Advanced Transportation Technology and Energy program (ATTE) was created as a means for keeping California competitive as a national leader in advanced transportation and energy technologies and to transform the workforce in the rapidly developing, technology-driven transportation and energy industries, while improving the environment and stimulating the economy.

Over the fifteen years since the ATTE Initiative was created, it has and continues to respond to this guiding principle by providing an array of transportation and energy technology and related technical education, assistance and outreach programs throughout California. The results are consistent, replicable curriculum, services and programs tailored to the needs of each region and employers and employees in California.

Our site is designed to provide students, technicians, faculty, public and other initiative centers with the education, training and resources they need to effectively learn, teach and work with advanced transportation and energy technologies.

The ATTE Program was established by the California Community Colleges Economic and Workforce Development Program.

ATTE Program Topics:

  • Electric, Hybrid, and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Programs
  • Gaseous Fuel Programs for Heavy Duty Vehicles
  • Gaseous Fuel Programs for Light Duty Vehicles
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems Programs
  • Railroad Operation Programs
  • Lightrail Maintenance Aeronautics and Flight
  • Technology Programs
  • Motorcycle Maintenance Programs
  • Automotive Clean Air Car, Emissions Programs
  • Energy Programs


Advanced Transportation Technology & EnergyEconomic Workforce Development4Energy: Solar, Wind, Geothermal & BioEnergy

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