Interested in obtaining your Certificate and/or Degree?View our RoadmapPDF document!


1- Find out if you meet the requirements.

To view the course descriptions and the certificates available, view the 2017-2018 Catalog for Automotive Mechanical RepairPDF document*
*Open the document called 2017-2018 General Catalog and find the Automotive Mechanical Repair Certificate requirements on pages 90-91 (of the online PDF version) or pages 89-90 (of the printed version).


2 - Determine with form to fill out.

View and download the Forms for Petition for Certificate, Petition for Degree, and Petition for Associate in Arts Degree for Transfer.

Petition for Certificate : Petition to graduate with a Certificate of Achievement.
Petition for Degree : Petition to graduate with an Associate in Arts.
Petition for Associate in Arts Degree for Transfer : (AAT/AST) This degree pattern is articulated for transfer to the CSU system.


3 - Fill out your form and meet with a Counselor or try Online Counseling to make sure you meet all the requirements.