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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

How do I register for a Traditional Online (TOL) Class? 

  • You register in the same fashion as with traditional classes.  Usually there will be an orientation meeting to start the course followed by specific dates and times for other gatherings in person on online.  The content and number of hours does not vary between traditional and TOL courses - only the delivery method changes.

How do I know if I can handle an online class?  I've never even been on the internet before.  What do you recommend?

  • These classes are Traditional Online, and during the first couple of class meetings, instructors will verify that all students have MS NT accounts, email, and the understanding of how to accomplish the requirements of the class.  There are several programs in the Learning Resource Center (LRC) on campus including several no-cost classes about internet use, tutors for first time online students, use of MS Office 2000 Products including Word, Excel, and others.  Contact the LRC for next available assistance.

How do I register for Chief Certified Training at Cerritos College?

  • The Chief Certified Training courses are so new at Cerritos College, that they could not be included in the printed schedule in time for printing.  As class schedules are prepared, they will be accessible through the web page, and through the "Course Offerings" bullet on the "ACR Home Page".  Look for the course numbers that correspond to the Chief Training course you want to take.  For additional information on these courses view our Chief and Training Collaborative page.  Registration can take place online and by phone once ticket numbers and schedules are completed.

I can't seem to connect online with the class website.  How can I turn in my assignments?

  • Contact the instructor for specific assistance on improving your connections.  Leave a voice mail with the instructor that you are having difficulty and will be forwarding the assignment by other means (mail, fax, messenger etc.) until difficulty is resolved.  

How do I register for Fast-Track Technician Training at Cerritos College?

  • The Fast Track program is started January 7th, 2002.  The first two classes of nine started on Monday and Wednesdays from 1 to 5:00 PM.   Please go to our fastrack page for additional information on these courses. Registration can take place online and by phone once you have selected your desired classes.  View class schedule and ticket numbers.

I missed enrollment for these classes, when is the next TOL class going to be offered and what is it going to be offered?

  • TOL classes will be offered each semester in the Auto Collision Repair Program at Cerritos College.  The next class to be offered online is AB 287 Advanced Collision Repair Management in October of this Fall semester.  Registration is still open on that class.  After that, the Spring 2002 semester will be the next class available.  The schedule is not yet out, but the next TOL class will probably be AB 80 Automotive Customer Service.

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