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ACR Program Sponsors

ACR Program Sponsors

  • BMW of North America - Key sponsor of the Cerritos College Eurocar Technician Training Program conducted in our Auto Collision Repair Program.  Students attend demonstration and lab classes for one year on campus and then start their job-site work experience at sponsoring shops in their 2nd semester.  Graduates compete with some 250 students nationwide for one of eight seats in the 10-month BMW Collision Repair Technician Training program at the BMW Training Center in Oxnard California.  The $10,000 tuition is paid for by BMW, and students are paid a salary while attending classes.

  • Eurocar Bench Systems, Inc. (EBS) - Sponsor and key director of industry support for the Eurocar Technician Training Program - provide substantial assistance in equipment and vehicle acquisition, additional faculty train-the-trainer courses, as well as provide over $100,000 in equipment loans and donations to facilitate the program's success. EBS is a local company (Cerritos) representing Celette Bench Systems - the premier European vehicle structural repair system.

  • ITOutsource, Inc - Key supporter in the Collision Repair Training Program at Cerritos College providing computer network technical support for all computerized damage estimating and management courses, giving student access to training programs from their home or business computers.

  • Chief Automotive Systems, Inc. Cooperative training/ certification program including over $250,000 in equipment, software, curriculum and training provided by Chief Automotive. Learn more about the program at Cerritos College.

  • I-CAR (Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair) - Advance-Tech and Enhanced-Delivery Curriculum provided to the campus at extremely discounted prices to provide students with access to current damage analysis, collision repair, and automotive refinishing technology.

  • Lincoln Electric - GMAW Welders for technician-level training and general auto collision repair program student use.

  • Delmar Publishing - Heavily discounted Digital Videos for student enhanced learning in self-paced environment in ACR computer lab.
    The Young Group - Hirane Pressure Resistance Spot Welder    

  • "L" Monty Body Shop - Curtis Nixon - Fast Track and Eurocar Technician Training Programs - provide internship opportunities for student in the entry-level program.  Students get paid for part-time work on the job, and attend classes on campus to learn more skills.

  • Spectrum Collision Center - Irvine, CA - Ed Cobett has continually played a pivotal role in the progress of the collision repair program at Cerritos College. He designed and built one of the first BMW Certified collision repair facilities in the United States in Irvine, CA.  He has employed many of our students in collaborative work-experience programs for more than 10 years.  Is a very influential Advisory Committee Member for our Eurocar Technician Training Program.

  • House of Imports Mercedes-Benz - Steve Daugherty  Fast Track and Eurocar Technician Training Program, donated 1999 M-Class SUV Chassis

  • CCC Information Services, Inc. - Pathways Computer Estimating Software provided annually without direct district expense for student learning.

  • Mitchell International - Annual no-cost contract to provide Mitchell Ultramate Computer Estimating Software for student learning, started in 1995.

  • ADP - Automated Data Processing - Shoplink for Windows estimating software and Photolink Digital Imaging sponsored for student learning

  • Rome Technologies - A new sponsor of our ACR Program has partnered with the campus to provide in-class training and industry seminars demonstrating their integrated shop management software.

  • PPG - Paint Manufacturer has sponsored our AB 66 Mixing and Tinting Color class for Summer 2002 - Complete set of automotive toners for student learning and use.  Check the online schedule for interest in the class.

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