CRCC Department - Court Reporting and Captioning


The Court Reporting and Captioning Careers Program at Cerritos College has been inactivated.  The program has closed.  No classes in court reporting are available at Cerritos College.

If you are looking for a public school teaching court reporting, there are programs at the following public schools serving students in this area:

Attention!  A new window will open if you click on the links for any of the schools that follow!

Cypress Collegenew window - on-campus program, with theory and machine classes days and nights.  Also offering academic courses online.
West Valley Collegenew window - based in Northern California, West Valley offers an online program days and nights with sychronous classes you attend online

Downey Adult Schoolnew window - on-campus program AND online program
Tri-Community Adult Schoolnew window - on-campus program

There are also private schools in the area:  

South Coast College of Court Reportingnew window - on-campus program with day and evening courses
Bryan Universitynew window - online program
Sage Collegenew window - online program (with classes on campus in Moreno Valley and some other outlying areas)


Court Reporting is a FABULOUS, interesting, and financially rewarding career!  It takes a lot of determination and tenacity to complete the training to get there, but it can be done if YOU put your mind (and elbow grease) to the task.  Good luck in your studies and in your career!