Continuing Student

Please fill out the Continuing Student Form and turn it in to the front desk with your Eligibilty Documents.  


This is a REQUIRED form for ALL continuing CalWORKs students.

Form MUST be turned in EVERY SEMESTER with eligibilty documentation dated within the semester.


For example:

Summer eligibility MUST be dated betwen MAY and AUGUST

Fall eligibility MUST be dated between AUGUST and DECEMBER

Spring eligibility MUST be dated between JANUARY and MAY


 CalWORKs Work-In Progress (WIP) Form for the

Fall 2017 semester is due between:

October 2, 2017- October 6, 2017    



Ready to Graduate?

Please fill out the Graduation Slip and let us know when you will be completeing your courses. 

Important Graduation Deadlines:

Deadline to be on the commencement program: 02/21/17

Deadline to petition for an Associates Degree: 03/24/17

Commencement: 05/19/17 at 6:00 p.m.