Educational Materials

Materials Needed to process your request:


Attend a Fall 2017 Educational Materials Workshop 

Call our front desk to schedule an appointment today!


Eligibility Documentation
(Notice of Action, Verification of Benefits, GN 6005, GN 6005A, GN 6006)



 For Spring 2017, January through May 2017

For Summer 2017, May 2017 through August 2017 

For Fall 2017, August 2017 through December 2017



Please Note there are 2 ways to obtain your Verification of Benefits form: 

1. Can be printed from your DPSS acount online

2. By going to your Eligibilty Office Customer Service desk and asking for a copy. 


Materials you must bring to workshop:

  • Workers name, case number, file number, phone number fax number and e-mail. 
  • Registration Statement (preferred)/class schedule
  • Class syllabus if books/supplies are not on bookstore list
  • Bring copies of receipt(s) for your books and supplies if already purchased or bookstore printouts of books required for classes (
  • If books were purchased at another location other than the Cerritos College bookstore, write course name and number next to the book price on the copy of receipt(s).
  • If you have not purchased supplies, but plan on doing so, bring a list. You can obtain prices by going to the store's website and printing them out.
  • For faster processing, when searching on-line for books/supplies please place all items in "cart" to avoid individual printouts.


No children allowed