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Calendar of Events

Fall 2019

Workshops and Events Fall 2019


Date Workshop Title Time Location
Wed., Sept. 4 Scholarship Workshop 11-12 pm TBD
Thur., Sept. 5 Scholarship Workshop   2-3 pm TBD 
Thur., Sept. 5 Balancing Family and School 11-12 pm  TBD
Tues., Sept. 10 Choosing a Major 11-12:30 pm  TBD
Wed., Sept. 11 Resume 11-12pm  TBD
Tues., Sept. 17 Scholarship Drop-In Lab 2-3:30 pm  TBD
Tues., Sept. 17 Major's Fair 10:30-12:30 pm  TBD
Wed., Sept. 18 Scholarship Drop-In Lab 11-12:30 pm  TBD
Thur., Sept 19 Choosing a Major 11-12:30 pm  TBD
Tues., Sept 23 Resume Basics 1-2pm TBD
Tues., Sept. 24 Time Management Workshop 11-12pm TBD
Wed., Sept. 25 Prepping for the Job Fair  3-4pm TBD
Thur., Sept 27  Building Successful Communication Skills 11-12pm TBD
Thur., Sept. 27 Disney College Program Internship 11-12pm TBD
Mon., Sept. 30 Career Cafe 2-3pm  MP 201


Date Workshop Title Time Location
Tues., Oct. 1 Choosing a Major  11-12:30pm TBD
Thurs., Oct. 3 Job Fair  10-1:00 pm Falcon Square 
Thurs., Oct. 3 Enterprise - Info Session 11-12 pm TBD
Mon., Oct. 14 Interviewing Techniques  3-4pm TBD
Wed., Oct. 16 Choosing a Major 3-4:30pm TBD
Tues., Oct. 22 Resume Basics 11-12pm TBD
Mon., Oct. 28 Career Cafe 2-3pm MP 201 

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