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fall 2018

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Tues., Aug. 28th

Scholarship Workshop


BE 121

Wed., Aug. 29th

Scholarship Workshop


BE 121


Wed., Sept. 5th
Scholarship Workshop
BE 121
Thur., Sept. 6th
Scholarship Workshop
BE 121
Thur., Sept. 6th
Balancing Family & School
BE 111


Tues., Sept. 11th          Choosing a Major                         11-12:30pm       BE 121                                                  

Wed., Sept. 12th          Resume Basics                             3-4pm              BE 106                                                  

Tues., Sept. 18th          Scholarship Drop-In Lab              2-3:30pm          BE 121                                                  

Wed., Sept. 19th          Scholarship Drop-In Lab             11-12:30pm        BE 121                                                  

Thur., Sept. 20th          Time Management                      11-12pm             BE 111                                                  

Thur., Sept. 20th          Choosing a Major                        11-12:30pm       BE 121                                  

Mon., Sept. 24th          Career Café                                 2-3pm               Career Lab                                          

Tues., Sept. 25th         Feeling & Coping Skills               11-12pm             BE 109                                                  

Tues., Sept. 25th         Resume Basics                           11-12pm             BE 106                                                  

Wed., Sept. 26th         Prepping for the Job Fair               3-4pm               BE 106                  


Tues., Oct. 2nd           Choosing a Major                         11-12:30pm        BE 121                                                  

Thur., Oct. 4th             Enterprise Workshop                   11-12pm              LC 218                                                  

Mon., Oct. 15th            Interviewing Techniques              3-4pm                 BE 106                                  

Tues., Oct. 16th           Intimate Partner Abuse                 9-10am              TBA                       

Wed., Oct. 17th           Choosing a Major                         3-4:30pm             BE 121                                                  

Tues., Oct. 23rd          Resume Basics                             11-12pm              BE 109                                                  

Mon., Oct. 29th           Career Café                                   2-3pm               Career Lab          


Tues., Nov. 6th           Choosing a Major                          5-6:30pm            BE 121                                                  

Tues., Nov. 6th            Interviewing & Techniques          11-12pm               BE 106                                  

Thur., Nov. 15th          Resume Basics                            11-12pm              BE 109                                                  

Mon., Nov. 26th          Career Café                                  2-3pm                 Career Lab

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