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While there are tens of thousands of occupations that exist, most of us are only familiar with 50 or less. Knowledge about career options helps you decide and prepare for your future.

The Career Center offers a variety of ways for you to explore careers. Our staff is happy to assist you with using our resources and we welcome you to come by to browse our resources and do research in our lab.. Come by any time to browse or to do research.

 Our resources include:

  • Easy access to the best of the career exploration and job search websites
  • EUREKA, an extensive databank on occupations and training
  • Vocational Biographies, short biographies of professionals in hundreds of occupations


  • Printed resources on a variety of subjects, ranging from assessment to school catalogues

on the web

Links to Occupational Information:

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 National Association of Colleges and Employers.

new windowThe O*NET database includes information on skills, abilities, knowledge, work activities, and interests associated with occupations. Information in O*NET is available for over 950 occupations.

new windowThe Occupational Outlook Handbook is a nationally recognized source of career information, designed to provide valuable assistance to individuals making decisions about their future work lives. Revised every two years, the Handbook describes what workers do on the job, working conditions, the training and education needed, earnings, and expected job prospects in a wide range of occupations.

new windowThe California Occupational Guides are a series of about 300 information sheets covering individual occupations or groups of related occupations. They provide statewide information about job duties, working conditions, employment outlook, wages, benefits, entrance requirements, and training.

Information on majors and careers:

Americas Career Info Netnew window 
Find wage and employment trends, occupational requirements, state-by-state labor market conditions, millions of employer contacts nationwide, and the most extensive career resource library online. Smart career decisions start here!

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Experienced workers share rewards of their job; stressful parts of the job; basic skills the job demands; challenges of the future; and, advice on entering the field.

new windowInformation on occupations as well as great information on entering the job market

new window- Comprehensive guide to occupations, planning and assessment

new window- This site maintained by UC Berkeley has a database of over 700 links for occupational and educational preparation programs.
new window- Click on "Career Information Categories." Good source for reading "informational
interviews with people who really enjoy their jobs."
new window – Produced by Dow Jones & Company, Inc., this site includes articles by career columnists and gives information about who is hiring and about salaries and profiles.

new window – This "career decision-making site" helps students "discover" what they may most enjoy
in a major or career, "assess" values, interests and skills, "explore" occupational information, "decide" on
occupations, and "take action" to find majors.

new window – This site provides extensive guidance and information about jobs and careers and how they relate to college majors.

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new window- This site offers up-to-the- minute information from the latest hiring outlook for the Class of 2010, current salary information, tips on job search success, and advice on using social networking in the job search.