Occupational Information Sources

Occupational Information Sources


EUREKA, CCIS, (California Career Information System), is available for Cerritos College students to use
in the Career Services and online (need a username and password from the Career Tech). The EUREKA Career Information System consists of occupational and educational information, which is updated every six months.

EUREKA consists of several components: OCCUPATIONS contains descriptions of over 700 occupations,
including information about salary, growth projections (California and nation-wide figures are available for
both these categories), related careers, career ladders and educational requirements for entry and advancement; PROGRAMS provides information about school addresses, telephone numbers, whether or not a program is impacted, admission requirements, costs, and other general information. SCHOOLS has a California only and national database, FINANCIAL AID has over 7,000 scholarships, grants and loans. There are other EUREKA components available to students.

EUREKA is user friendly and the resources may be applied as part of a career counseling session, a class assignment for students in Career Exploration classes or simply as a tool for students who are seeking up to date Labor Market Information. In addition, faculty members have used EUREKA in program planning for their departments.

References Books:

  • Dictionary of Occupational Titles
  • Occupational Outlook handbook
  • US Industrial Outlook trends of the 1990's
  • Occupational Chronicle Briefs

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For further information please contact the Career Center at (562) 860-2451, Ext. 2365 or
send e-mail to: career-info@cerritos.edu

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