Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need an appointment to take a placement test?
Currently, you do not need appointment to take the placement test. A testing schedule is posted on our website every month.
(current schedule)

What do I need to take a test?
To take a test , you must have a Cerritos College Student Number and a Picture I.D.

What does "Open Lab" mean?
Open lab means that the Computer Lab in Assessment Center is open to take the Reading and English tests

How long are the tests?
The Math, Reading and English tests are not timed tests. The average time students take to complete the test is two hours.

Can I re-take a test?
Yes, all the tests maybe retaken after a 4 1/2-month waiting period

If I have a degree from another college, do I have to take the placement test?
Students who already possess an A.A. degree or higher are not required to take a test, but they need to see a counselor at the Counseling Department.

If I'm not taking a Math, English or Reading class, do I have to take a test?
Please see a counselor for the most accurate answer.


Do I need an appointment to see a career counselor?
Yes, counselors are available on an appointment basis. Please call us at (562) 860-2451, ext. 2356 to schedule an appointment and have your student number available.

How do I go about taking career assessments?
To take a career assessment you need see a career counselor for an assessment referral.

How long are the career assessments?
Career assessments range from 30 to 45 minutes each, depending on which test your counselor recommends and how fast you read.

Is there any charge for taking career assessments?
Yes, we charge a small fee for all the computerized tests only, but there are assessment that are free of charge.


Do I need to attend Cerritos College to use Student Employment Resources?
To use Student Employment Resources you need to be currently enroll in classes, be a graduate or have a certificate from Cerritos College. 

How do I use Student Employment Resources services?
- You must be currently enrolled in at least 1 unit, or
- Received an Associate in Arts Degree or Certificate of Achievement from Cerritos College.

How do I use the job listings service?
- Check the job listing in the binders. Make sure that you meet the requirements and qualifications.
- If you need a copy of the job, we will give you up to five copies per day.
- You will need to contact the employers yourself for an interview.
- Remember to dress and present yourself appropriately for the position for which you are applying.
- Call us and contact us if you are hired. You will have a chance to win a gift basket or movie tickets.

How often do you post new jobs listings?
- New job listings are posted daily in the binder.

Do the employers call when the job is filled?
- We may not be the only school that they list with, so they usually don't call us.
We try to call the companies whenever possible to make sure the positions are still available. Students should let us know, too, when they get hired.

Can I get job opening information over the phone?
- No, you need to come in person.

Do I need to make an appointment to use Student Employment Resources?
- No, there is always someone here to help you during office hours.

Days/Hours of operation:

Monday & Thursday 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Tuesday & Wednesday 8:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Friday 8:00 a.m. - Noon
Closed on Fridays during summer sessions (mid-May until early August).

Multi Purpose Building, second floor, room 201
Phone Number:
(562) 860-2451, Ext. 2366
Fax Number:
(562) 467-5057
E-mail address:

Additional services and assistance include:
- Free employment and career development workshops
- Resume Writing Skills
- Job Search Strategies
- Job Fairs
- Resume Workshops
- Volunteer Opportunities
- Interview Skills
- Internship Information
- Federal, State, and City Job Listings (inside the office)
- Labor Market Trends


Who is considered a re-entry student?
You are considered a re-entry student if you are 25 years or older, have a 3-5 year gap in your education, female or male interested in pursuing a non-traditional career , single parent, professional returning to school, vocational student, displaced homemaker, late life career changer, or a welfare to work participant.

What services do we offer for re-entry students?
The Re-Entry Resource Program assists adults returning to school make a smooth transition, overcome barriers unique to returning adults, and successfully attain their college goals. Services included personal assistance, orientations, workshops based on re-entry student issues, support groups, information and referrals regarding childcare, financial aid, career counseling, job placement, and community resources.

What scholarships are available?

  • E. Maude West Scholarship; $500 annual award; Deadline - September 15
  • Norwalk Women's Club Scholarship; $500 annual award; Deadline - September 15
  • Women's Club of Artesia-Cerritos Scholarship; $500 annual award; Deadline - July 15
  • Jean O. Michael Scholarship; $1,000 annual award; Deadline - September 15
  • Carmen Solis-Pratt Scholarship; $1,000 annual award; Deadline - September 15

For more information about these scholarships please visit and also check out current scholarship information provided by Financial Aid.

How do I apply for a scholarship?
For Re-Entry scholarships you may pick up applications at Career Services located in the Administration Building for Financial Aid scholarship information please contact Jaime Quiroz at (562) 860-2451, extension 2394.