Cerritos College Faculty Federation

Cerritos College Faculty Federation
CB 112
11110 Alondra Blvd.
Norwalk, CA 90650


office hours: by appointment

Solomon Namala, Ph.D.
E-mail: snamala@cerritos.edu
562-860-2451, extension: 2761

Vice President, Full-Time Faculty
and Grievance Officer
Armando Soto, M.A.
E-mail: asoto@cerritos.edu
562-860-2451, extension: 2139

Vice President, Part-Time Faculty
Lyndsey Lefebvre, M.A.
E-mail: llefebvre@Cerritos.edu
or lyndseylefebvre@gmail.com

Teresa Alenikov, C.P.A., M.B.A.
E-mail: talenikov@cerritos.edu
562-860-2451, extension 2729

George Jarrett, M.A.
E-mail: gjarrett@cerritos.edu
562-860-2451, extension: 2470

Communications Chair
Craig Breit
E-mail: breit@cerritos.edu
562-860-2451, extension: 2625

Membership Chair
Michael Farina, C.P.A., M.B.A.
E-mail: mfarina@cerritos.edu
562-860-2451, extension: 2730

Contract Development Committee Chair and
Chief Negotiator
Amy Holzgang, Ph.D.
E-mail: socprofessoramy@gmail.com
or aholzgang@cerritos.edu
562-860-2451, extension: 2768

Committee on Political Education Chair
Terrance Mullins, M.A.
E-mail: tmullins@cerritos.edu