Cerritos Complete

Cerritos Complete, a California College Promise program, is our student success initiative that focuses on our students’ pledge to earn and complete their degrees or certificates on time. Cerritos Complete is a partnership between Cerritos College and our five local school districts: ABC, Bellflower, Downey, Norwalk-La Mirada, and Paramount Unified School Districts.

The Cerritos Complete program is a great opportunity for high school seniors to smoothly transition to college. This program provides opportunities for high school seniors to obtain the skills and knowledge needed for college, explore a variety of careers, save money on their college education, and graduate from college on-time. Cerritos Complete is available to graduating high school seniors from our local school districts who complete the steps in high school. 


  • One-year free tuition
  • One-year early enrollment
  • Step by step assistance
  • One-on-one counseling and advisement
  • College preparedness
  • Career exploration
  • Personalized schedule for Fall and Spring semester

High School Senior Year Requirements:

  • You must be a High School Senior enrolled in:
    • ABC USD
    • Bellflower USD
    • Downey USD
    • Norwalk-La Mirada USD
    • Paramount USD
  • You must complete the High School Steps by the deadlines
  1. Submit FAFSA or DREAM Act Application (October-March 2) and submit additional paperwork to Cerritos College Financial Aid (April 30)
  2. Submit a Cerritos College Summer Application 
  3. Submit the Cerritos Complete Intent Form (February-March)
  4. Complete the Cerritos College Assessment Tests (February-March)
  5. Complete the Cerritos College Online Orientation (March-April)
  6. Attend a Cerritos Complete Planning & Scheduling Workshop (Late April-May)
  7. Enroll in Fall Semester classes (June 1)
  8. Attend Summer Semester class - COUN 101A and submit the Cerritos Complete Commitment Contract (May-August) 

Freshman Year Requirements:

  • You must complete the requirements for Fall in order to stay eligible for Spring semester.
  • You must maintain a 2.0 GPA
  • You must enroll and successfully pass a Math and English course both semesters
  1. Submit a Fall Semester Progress Report (September)
  2. Enroll for Spring Semester (October 6)
  3. Complete an Ed. Planning Workshop (May)
  4. Enroll in Fall Semester (June)