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Blueprint Reading Training for California Industry

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Blueprint Reading Training for California Industry

Blueprint Reading

We provide training in manufacturing processes, tolerance calculations, impact of the tolerances on the cost of the design.

  • Blueprint Reading - Learn how to interpret blueprints that were created using the ANSI Y14.5 standard. You will start by getting a better understanding of views, sections, and orthographic projections. You will then move to the art of dimensioning and finding missing dimensions on blueprints. Specialty subjects like threads, cams, gears, surface finishes, and classes of fit will also be introduced. You will also get a complete review of symbols used on blueprints. Note: specialty modules for composites manufacturers are available and have been successfully delivered to many clients in Southern California.

  • Advanced Blueprint Reading - In this training session you will further your understanding of blueprint reading by learning what is Geometric Tolerancing and Dimensioning (GDT). Starting with datums, you will get a better understanding of what it takes to make or inspect a part. You will then learn about tolerances of form, profile, orientation, runout, and finally position. Practical exercises will test your ability to interpret those sometimes confusing symbols.

For more information regarding training in Blueprint Reading please contact:

Cerritostrainsu@cerritos.edu or call 562-860-2451 ext. 2511




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