Child Development Center

Who says that learning happens just inside the classroom?

What is our ideal outdoor classroom scene? It is a place just outside our classroom. It is a place where the outdoors and its wonders are cherished and relished.

We believe that learning and growth happens when children are allowed to explore nature, feeling the warm sun as they ride their trikes, sensory experiences in the sand and then seeking shade under the beautiful trees- and then running with all their might in lush green grass. Early child development professionals recognize the importance of establishing a successful and fruitful outdoor enviornment. So we make this commitment to provide our young students an outdoor classroom that is rich in play. An outdoor classroom that is rich in beauty. By creating our ideal classroom outside we look to create a place that is naturally challenging and beautiful to the developing minds of the young chidren in our care. It is our mission to create an outdoor classroom to be proud of for all the learning that is happening there every day.

Overview of the Child Development Center

Teachers of young children know that when we are offered the option to permanetly impelment the enrichment of the enviornment with natural beauty - it takes time, ideas, plans, supplies, and initiative. It is all worth it for it offers your child so many more learning opprotunities.

Kids digging to add new plants

The teachers and staff at the Child Development Center invite YOU to embark on this outdoor learning journey with us. Our journey encompasses thought, challenges, and most importantly there is no set limit to our ideal scence. Learning happens inside, learning happens outside. Learning happens everywhere all the time.

Kids measuring their plants