Child Development Permit Matrix

We strongly encourage students to apply for their Child Development Permit to become eligible for positions in state or federally- funded programs.  Because Cerritos College belongs to the Child Development Training Consortium, your application fee for the Assistant, Associate and Teacher level is paid for and CDTC will reimburse you $49.00 towards the cost of fingerprinting. The CDTC also pays for upgrades from one of the three lower levels to the Master Teacher, Site Supervisor and Program Director level, and renewals for the lower three levels. To apply for your Permit through the CDTC, you can stop by any of the full-time faculty members' office hours.

If you want to download the application yourself, first visit the California Department of Education for state forms at .  For the State of California you need to fill out the application form 41-4 on-line and then print; and print the Request for LiveScan fingerprinting form. Then visit the Child Development Training Consortium to print the required Consortium forms.   Also, you need to have official transcripts showing the courses completed with a passing grade of C or better.  If you access the paperwork on-line, you still must make an appointment with an instructor to  review your paperwork and sign off before you mail it in. 

Starting immediately, students must complete the Professional Development Profile on-line and print the confirmation page to include when submitting a Permit Application!


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Power Point for the Permit Matrix Workshop

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