Campus Connection - May 24, 2010

Board of Trustees Honors Retiree Dean Ackland, Coordinator of Student Activities
February 2, 1987- June 30, 2010

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Bob Arthur, Holly Bogdanovich, Toni Grijalva, Dean Ackland and his family (l-r)Dean Ackland is a product of Cerritos College.  He came here after graduating from Downey High in 1965.  One of his goals was to teach and coach at his alma mater.  In 1983, Ackland was asked to assist at Cerritos College with the men’s basketball team.  The team went on to capture the state championship that year. 

In 1987, he was hired as Coordinator of Student Activities and was given the responsibility to oversee more than fifty clubs and groups.  Along with Head Men’s Basketball Coach Jack Bogdanovich, he assisted and was involved with coaching the state championship teams of 1989 and 1992.  As head coach in 1999, he once again led the team to a state championship.

In 1992, Ackland was selected as an Outstanding Faculty Member.  In 2004, Ackland began working for Holly Bogdanovich (Jack’s daughter) when she was hired as the Director of Student Activities.  Holly was fortunate to be one of the students to learn from him about Student Activities while serving as the ASCC Commissioner of Student Activities.

An advocate for the students, Ackland has been able to advise and guide the ASCC through 23 successful years while maintaining the history and traditions of the campus.   As the Coordinator of Student Activities, Ackland has coordinated and attended 23 Homecomings and Hoe Down Days events, at least 30 Leadership Conferences, 46 Awards Banquets, 92 Welcome Days/Nights, 115 Club Information Days/Nights, and thousands of Bake Sales. 

During the Spring ASCC Awards Banquet this year, Ackland was honored by the students with a special award for his service and leadership over the years to the ASCC.

When once asked about his position, Ackland said “I have the best job in the state.  I deal with great students.  The staff in Student Activities makes every day a pleasure.  Most of all, what makes this position so fantastic is the support we receive from the entire campus.” 

"Dean, you have made a tremendous difference at Cerritos College. Your sense of humor, motivational skills, dedication to students and high ethical standards has helped many students attain academic success while participating in co-curricular and community activities," said Board Secretary Bob Arthur as he presented the award plaque with Ackland.

"You will truly be missed by all of us and Cerritos College is losing a great employee who truly bleeds Cerritos blue and white!!  Upon your retirement, we wish you good health, success, and fulfillment in the many years ahead."


The Campus Connection - May 24, 2010