Counseling Courses

COUN 10 Career Planning

This course is designed to help the student approach career decisions in a systematic way. A variety of techniques are used to assess individual characteristics and relate these to occupational information. At times, sections may be offered which emphasize particular types of situations such as the person making initial career decisions, mid-life career changes, and minority programs. (Formerly CG 1)                                                                                          

COUN 50 Orientation and Education Planning

This course is designed to introduce students to services offered at Cerritos College; the history and mission of the system of post-secondary education system in California; policies and procedures which affect students at Cerritos College; educational planning, including major and general education requirements, course sequencing, and transfer requirements for the California State University and University of California systems.  As part of the course, students will tour the Cerritos College campus, acquainting themselves with the location and function of various offices and service providers.  Each student will produce an educational plan specific to her or his educational goal.  This course is offered on a credit/no credit basis only.  This course may be taken a maximum of 4 times. (Formerly CG50)                                                                                                  

COUN 200 Success In College and Career  

This course will provide students with knowledge, information, and skills to better understand themselves as students, people, and members of the working world. It will assist them to establish life, career, educatrional, and personal goals and to develop plans and strategies to successfully meet those goals. (Formerly CG 200) Transfer Credit:CSU