Great California ShakeOut:


Cerritos College is currently particpating in the annual Great California ShakeOut with several emergency preparedness drills, including a combined earthquake and emergency evacuation drill.


Your safety is a top priority. All students and employees are asked to participate to the completion of the drill. Good practice in these drills will enhance our college-wide readiness for an actual earthquake or other emergency. If you experience a real emergency during the drill, please contact Campus Police at 562-402-3674. Thank you for your time and attention.

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Photo of The Cerritos College Counseling Department.

Back row: Rigo Castro, Gloria Morales, Veronica Herrera, Felipe Salazar, Rosa Carrillo

Row #4: Michelle Mahoney, Sheila Hill, Sylvia Gardner, Brittany Lundeen

Row #3: Berenice Gallardo, Mike Miles, Francesca Bello, Jan Connal

Row #2: Mary Kay, Gustavo Romero, Sheela Hoyle, Armando Soto, Rocio Casillas

Front Row: Evelyn Ryozaki, Ken Matsuura, Chris Sugiyama, Renee De Long Chomiak, Marvelina Barceo

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