Cerritos College ESP—Early Success Program

The Early Success Program for early assessment, orientation and enrollment.

Eligible first-time NEW to College Students who have never attended any college are required to complete assessment andorientation-counseling prior to enrollment.

Students who start college informed and prepared through EARLY assessment, orientation and counseling are more likely to be successful and to reach their educational goals.

Students may choose to participate in the Early Success Program (ESP) and receive the benefit of earlier enrollment. Students eligible for ESP must submit an admissions application for Spring 2018; take assessments in English, reading and math or ESL testing; and complete orientation-counseling by Friday, September 15th to receive this benefit.

Student steps for ESP are:

Application to the college
Starting Tuesday, August 1st students can submit a Spring 2018 application online at our CCCApply site: http://www.cerritos.edu/apply

Assessment for English, math, and reading or ESL test
Complete these 3 assessment tests or the ESL test before orientation-counseling. Preparation information and dates and times are available at


Orientation & Counseling should be completed after assessment tests.
Available online or in on-campus workshops.

Starting Friday , September 1st you may view your enrollment appointment for the Spring 2018 semester on MyCerritos; upon completion of the Early Success program receive an earlier appointment for spring semester classes. Enrollment starts in October.

First-time NEW to College Students applying for the fall semester who do not complete all the steps by Friday, Septmeber 15th will not receive ESP early enrollment. First-time NEW to College Students who do not complete Assessment and Orientation-Counseling will not be able to enroll.

For more information, visit the links above or call Cerritos College Counseling Services at (562) 467-5231.