Matriculation is a process designed to help you plan and achieve your educational goals. The process brings you and the college into an agreement for the purpose of student success. Matriculation Steps for Success and the partnership agreement are listed below.


1)  An admissions application process.
2)  An orientation to the College's programs and services.
3)  Assessment in English, math, and reading.
4)  Counseling and advisement to develop an educational plan.
5)  Follow-up evaluation of each student's progress in achieving an educational goal.


1)  Express at least a broad educational intent upon admisson.
2)  Declare an educational goal before or when 15 units have been completed.
3)  Attend class.
4)  Work diligently to complete class assignments.
5)  Demonstrate an effort to attain an educational goal.

As a new student you are expected to participate in matriculation activities. If you have completed an associate degree or higher at an accredited college or university you are exempt from matriculation. However, exempt students may choose to participate in any portion of the matriculation process.

Know which of the following best describes you........

  • NEW STUDENT - you are a new student if this is the first time you are attending any college.
  • TRANSFER STUDENT - you are a transfer if you attended another college but have never attended Cerritos College.
  • RE-ADMIT - you are a re-admit student if you have previously attended Cerritos College but did not attend for a semester.
  • CONTINUING STUDENT - you are a continuing student if you were enrolled in credit classes last semester.

Step 1:  Assessment

For NEW students, your next step is to take the Assessment exams. The exams assess your math, language, and reading skills. TRANSFER and RE-ADMIT students may need to take the Assessment Test, or show proof of assessment testing with placement or course completion from your previous school (transcripts). If you intend to take ESL (English as a Second Language) classes, take the ESL Writing Test BEFORE registration. Those students who are not planning on taking any Math, English, and/or reading classes may qualify for an exemption. You will need to meet with a counselor for more information.

Step 2: Orientation- Online or Workshop

BRING COPIES OF HIGH SCHOOL AND/OR COLLEGE TRANSCRIPTS TO ORIENTATION. After assessment testing, sign-up to attend an Orientation Workshop. All NEW students are encouraged to attend an Orientation BEFORE registration. Orientation includes academic advisement, and course selection.

Step 3: Counseling

NEW students will automatically see a counselor for course approval at Orientation. RE-ADMIT and TRANSFER students in good academic standing are not required to see a counselor prior to registration. Besides appointments, counselors are available on a walk-in basis at the Information Desk. Students are encouraged to schedule a 30-minute appointment each semester to review academic progress and develop an Educational Plan for the upcoming semester. Appointments can be made by calling: (562) 860-2451, extension 2231. Be sure to complete the Assessment testing BEFORE meeting with a counselor.

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