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Meet the Counseling Staff


Dean of Counseling Services                  Dr. Renée De Long

Counseling Department Chair                 Armando Soto

Counseling Instructional Chair               Traci Ukita


Counseling Classified Staff

Kim Applebury

Nayeli Duenas

Evelyn Mattison

Monique Rodriguez

Vanessa Salas

Sophia Valencia


Counseling Faculty

Robert Aguayo

Honey Anang

Dr. Meri Beckham

Francesca Bello

Debbie Boudreau

Rosa Carrillo

Rocio Casillas

Rigo Castro

Dr. Jan Connal

Jeff Cutkomp

Bernice Embry

Dr. Chelena Fisher

Ramon Franco

Ken Gaines

Berenice Gallardo

Mark Gambala

Sylvia Gardner

Marvelina Graf

Veronica Herrera

Dr. Shelia Hill

Sheela Hoyle

Claudia Loera

Brittany Lundeen

Dr. Michelle Mahoney

Natasha Majano

Dr. Ken Matsuura

Mike Miles

Gloria Morales

Claudia Quilizapa

Jamie Quiroz

Gustavo Romero

Evelyn Ryozaki

Armando Soto

Chris Sugiyama

Mary Kay Toumajian

MiaSarah Walsh


Career Counselors (Located in Career Services MPB Building)

Allison Fujii

Randy Lee

Clara Ross

Traci Ukita

Dr. David Young


Veteran Counselors (Located in Veterans Resource Center)

Dr. Rebecca Morgan

Felipe Salazar


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