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Site representatives are volunteers from our chapter who keep bulletin boards updated; answer questions at their site or refer co-workers to the appropriate chapter officers and union staff for answers; welcome new employees and sign up new members; and relay information about problems and needs at their worksite back to chapter leaders. Site representatives are a vital communication link between members and chapter leaders.
Site 1: Automotive Technology, Research & Development, Foundation, Campus Police
Board Location: Auto Body
Site Representative: Kathy Hogue, ext. 2535
Site 2: CITE (Community Education, Adult Education, ATEC, Economic Development), Health Science (Health Occupations, Cosmetology)
Board Location: Cosmetology Break Room
Site Representative:Irlanda Lopez, ext.2961
Site 3: MOT (Facilities Day, Warehouse, Purchasing)
Board Location: Facilities Break Room 
Site Representative: Michelle Rodriguez, ext. 2407
Site 4: MOT (Facilities Swing Shift & Graveyard Shift)
Board Location: North Shop Door
Site Representative: Rosemarie Medina, ext. 2629
Site 5: Technology (Technology Office, Child Development), Santa Barbara Building (DSPS), Metals, Electronics, Arts & Crafts
Board Location: Santa Barbara East Wall
Site Representative: Amna Jara, ext. 3084  
Site 6: Student Center (Food Services, DSPS [ISC]), Burnight Center, Student Health Center, Physical Education, Student Activities Office
Board Location: NONE 
Site Representative: Rosemarie Medina, ext. 2629
Site 7: Learning Resource Center, Physical Science, Natural Science
Board Location: Hallway LRC Ground Floor 
Site Representative: Christina Rodriguez, ext. 2797
Site 8: Administration South (Admissions and Records, Counseling, EOPS, Financial Aid, International Student Center)
Board Location: Admissions Break Room 
Site Representative: Joan Cary, ext. 2116
Site 9: Administration North (Fiscal Services, Information Technology, Academic Affairs, Communications Center, Career Services)
Board Location: Administration Staff Lounge 
Site Representative: Yvette Juarez, ext. 2405
Site 10: Liberal Arts, Social Sciences (Speech Clinic, Computer Services, Publications, Humanities/Social Sciences), Business Education
Board Location: Hallway SS116 
Site Representative: Carmen Garcia, ext. 2200

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Our Mission: To improve the lives of our members, students and community.