Curriculum Committee Members

Faculty Role as Members of Curriculum Committee

  • Regularly attend Curriculum Committee meetings
  • Review curriculum
  • Pay attention, ask good questions, ensure courses are a “good fit” for students
  • Liaison between the committee and your division
  • Assist with curriculum revision in your divisions

Voting Members:

  • Curriculum Chair: Carrie Edwards 
  • Business Education: VACANT
  • Counseling: Ken Matsuura
  • DSPS: Judi Holmes
  • Fine Arts & Communications: Brandt Reiter
  • Health Occupations: Jessie Lopez
  • Health, Physical Education, Dance, & Athletics: Carrie Edwards
  • Humanities/Social Sciences: VACANT
  • Liberal Arts: Lynn Serwin
  • Library: Monica Lopez
  • Technology: Mickey Micic
  • Science, Engineering, & Mathematics: Lora Campeau
  • Vice President, Academic Affairs: Rick Miranda

Non-Voting Members:

  • Curriculum Specialist: Phally Lay
  • Dean, Admissions, Records, & Services: Stephanie Murguia
  • Dean (Acting), Academic Affairs: Gary Pritchard
  • Dean, Fine Arts & Communications: Gary Pritchard
  • Dean (Acting) Liberal Arts/ACCME: Frank Mixson 
  • Faculty Senate: Andrew Maz
  • Adult Education & Diversity: Gabriela Barerra Contrera
  • Financial Aid: Juan Mercado

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