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Concert Tech Schedule

Spring 2018 Dance Concert

Technical & Performance Schedule

Dates: March 8, 9, 10


***Choreographers and Dancers must be at all Tech rehearsals in Burnight Theatre***


Spacing Technical Rehearsals


Choreographers/dancers at assigned times in the Theatre (see spacing Tech Schedule in dance studio)


Saturday & Sunday


8:30 AM to 6:00 PM (Refer to SPACING TECH SCHEDULE when posted 2-3 weeks prior to tech rehearsals)


              Keep Theatre and lobby clean – Enter through Green Room unless otherwise directed



Tech & Performance Schedule

(No food or drinks in Theatre)


Monday, March 5                           6:00 PM – Call – Enter through the Green Room


                                                        6:30 PM – Start Tech Run- Full Costume, no make up

                                                        Concert rehearsal run through each piece twice in program order


Tuesday, March 6                           6:00 PM – Call – Everyone Full costumes

                                                         6:30 PM – Rehearsal run through entire show TWICE IN ORDER


Wednesday, March 7                      6:00 PM – Call/Notes

                                                         6:30 PM – Rehearsal run through entire show

                                                          Full costume and make-up/Photos


Thursday, March 8                           6:00 PM – Call

                                                           6:45 PM – Warm-ups ALL DANCERS REQUIRED on stage

                                                           8:00 PM– Curtain/Performance

Friday, March 9                                 6:00 PM – Call

                                                            6:45 PM – Warm-ups ALL DANCERS REQUIRED on stage

                                                            8:00 PM – Curtain/Performance


Saturday, March 10                           6:00 PM - Call


                                                            6:45 PM - Warm-ups ALL DANCERS REQUIRED on stage

                                                            8:00 PM - Curtain/Performance



Concert Stage Manager:  Tyna Kennedy

Tech Director: Richard Crother    

Theatre Manager: Etta Walton

Director/Front of House Supervision:  Rebekah Hathaway (with concert production staff)

Backstage Supervision:  Christine Gregory & Steve Rosa (with production crew )

Paid parking or permits required 24-7.  Do not park in Lot C-3 Monday- Friday. Because there are Friday classes, there is a chance you could be ticketed by campus police. This is a faculty parking lot.

Please keep the Theatre (House & Lobby) & Green Room clean during all rehearsals and performances.

Clean Dressing Rooms/Green Room after rehearsal & performance. Please!!!

During techs, do not change in the lobby restrooms or rehearse in the lobby.  Please refer to the information sheet on rules for the concert.  Keep track of your costumes and personal belongings – do not leave items in theatre. No cell phones onstage or placed in the wings.

No CHILDREN, family or friends at tech rehearsals or backstage area!  Also note that no children under 5 years old are allowed at the performances. The music levels are high, the concert approx. 2 hours, some numbers not appropriate for young children.

There will be no open dress rehearsal on Wednesday, March 7.  No friends and family allowed without clearance. No friends, children allowed in the green room at tech or shows.

Prepare for sharing the backstage area.  This refers to mirrors in the Green Room, dressing well as any seating in the Green Room (and use of the any of the tables….NO DRAMA!  Everyone get along.






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