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Frequently Asked Questions

Canvas FAQs

What does it mean to “adopt” Canvas?

Currently, TalonNet is based on the Sakai Course Management System (CMS) platform. What this means is that it is Sakai with our brand, TalonNet. In fact, for the first couple of years when we started TalonNet, it was actually called TalonNet SE (Sakai Edition). In the future, TalonNet will be based on the Canvas CMS platform. You might think of this as “TalonNet CE” (Canvas Edition). Sakai will be phased out by Summer 2017.

What is the timeline for migrating to Canvas?

The CCC Online Education Initiative recommends a 15-month migration process with concurrent CMSs being offered during this period.

Spring 2016 - TalonNet will continue as usual in the Spring 2016. In April, Instructure (the company that owns Canvas) will begin the integration process with our Student Information System (SIS) which is PeopleSoft. In late Spring, the CTX will begin faculty training for those faculty interested in becoming early adopters offering pilot courses in Summer and Fall, 2016.

Summer 2016 – Volunteer early adopters will begin teaching courses using the Canvas platform

Fall 2016 - More early adoptee volunteers will be recruited to teach courses in the Fall, 2016.

Spring 2017 - In the Spring, 2017, all faculty will be asked to use at least one course using Canvas (TalonNet “CE”). This does not mean that all materials will be in Canvas. If you currently only use TalonNet to house your syllabus, then it will be the same in the Canvas CMS.

Summer 2017 - In June, 2017, the contract with Sakai will end. Full implementation of Canvas will begin in the Summer 2017 semester.


Will there be training on Canvas?

Yes, there will be on-going workshops on Canvas through the CTX beginning in Fall 2016.

How much of my course materials will be automatically moved into Canvas from Sakai and how much work will this require of me?

One course for each of the early adoptees was migrated as a learning tool for the DE Office and Tech Support. A migration course, TalonNet Course Migration to Canvas, has been created to help faculty migrate their materials based on the information learned. As faculty become adept at using Canvas, the migration process should take between 1-8 hours per course depending on the amount of materials in the TalonNet (Sakai) course.


Last updated: 7/27/2016

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