DSPS: Handouts - Need Help???

DSPS Handouts - Need Help???

Need Help Due To A DISABILITY ????

The QUICKEST way to get enrolled in classes is:

  1. File an Application for Admission to Cerritos College;
  2. Take the AssessmentBattery Tests;
  3. See a Counselor for Academic Advisement;
  4. Call DSP&S (Disabled Student Programs & Services) for an
    Intake Appointment. (562) 860-2451 Ext. 2333

NOTE: If you are under 18 years of age, you will need to bring a parent/guardian to your DSP&S appointment.

Plan ahead – DSP&S services require advance verification of your disability and educational limitations.

Want more information about DSP&S?
Visit our website at: www.cerritos.edu/dsps

High School Students: Read our transition guide “Catching the Wave” at:www.cerritos.edu/dsps/highschool/catchingthewave

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