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DSPS Handouts - Cerritos College Support Services

DSPS Campus Tour Handouts - Cerritos College Support Services

Individuals with limitations due to a disability may receive support services and instruction from one or more of six programs at Cerritos. Those with mobility, visual, hearing, speech, psychological and other health impairments as well as learning and developmental disabilities are served. The first point of contact for all students with disabilities is DSPS Central Intake and Services.


“Central Intake” provides:

  • Initial interview
  • Verification of disability
  • Voter registration
  • Referral as needed

“Central Services” provides these additional functions:

  • Eligibility assessment
  • Placement test accommodations
  • Academic Advisement
  • Elevator access
  • Campus orientation
  • Priority enrollment assistance
  • Parking assistance
  • Matriculation assistance
  • Support with disability management issues
  • Liaison with campus offices
  • Referral to special classes
  • Liaison with Department of Rehabilitation
  • Outside agency referrals

Students who indicate a need for in-class support services will receive further referral to the DSPS Centers which follow.

Alice Collins Resource Center
The Alice Collins Resource Center assists students with mobility, vision, psychological, or other health limitations. The services available include: In-class aides, Note-taking, Tutoring referral, Test-taking, Disability management, Text­books on tape, Instructor Liaison, Community resource information, Referral for special instruction, Wheelchair loan and storage, Calculator and tape recorder loan, Modified seating, and use of Adapted Computers and other specialized equipment. Students from other DSP&S Centers may also be referred to the Alice Collins Resource Center for Students with Disabilities for test accommodations, and a variety of other appropriate services.

Instructional Support Center
The Instructional Support Center serves students who are learning disabled, develop­mentally delayed and those with acquired brain injuries. Services available include: Pre-registration, Disability management, Text­books on tape, Liaison with instructors and other campus offices, Community agency resource information, Referral for speech therapy and adaptive physical education, Tape recorder and calculator loan, Liaison with Regional Center and other agencies. Classes are offered three days per week and are open entry/open exit. Instruction is designed to prepare for credit enrollment in the college. A lab is also available for students to receive support in other credit courses.

High Tech Center
Students with disabilities who would benefit from computers specifically adapted to accommodate various disabilities are also encouraged to consider the High Tech Center located in the Instructional Support Center. Specialized programs for the learning disabled, Large screen software and Screen readers for the visually impaired, Word prediction word processing and Keyboard modification for the physically disabled are some of the possibilities.

Speech, Language and Hearing Center
The Speech, Language and Hearing Center assist individuals with communication difficulties due to speech, language and hearing impairments. Individual and small group instruction is provided to students having difficulty with articulation, voice, language, aphasia, hearing impairments and stuttering. Interpreters, Note-takers and specialized instruction in the basic skills are also available for the hearing impaired. The SLHC also provides Real Time Captioning and consultation with faculty.

Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center
Patients of Rancho Los Amigos Rehabilitation Center may enroll in the basic skills classes offered four days per week at our Satellite Campus.

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