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English Department Poetry Contest

This is Poetry 2018

Theme: Boundaries
Deadline: April 22, 2017, 11:59 pm
Contest Guidelines

Your mission:

  1. To write a poem about boundaries. This could include:
    • physical boundaries
    • emotional boundaries
    • psychological boundaries
    • boundaries drawn
    • boundaries crossed
      Take the theme as literally or figuratively as you wish.

  2. To blow the judges' minds.

DEADLINE: Sunday, April 22, 11:59 pm
Prizes: $125 (1st Prize) $75 (2nd Prize) $50 (3rd Prize)

Winning poems will also be published on the English department’s website.

To submit your work:

  1. If you don't already have one, create a Turnitin account at Turnitin. You will need the following info to submit your work to Turnitin:
      • Class ID: 17876812
      • Enrollment password: poetry

  2. Submit to Turnitin a docx file containing the following information ONLY:
      • your full name
      • your student ID number
      • your e-mail address
      • the name of your poem (If it doesn’t have a title, just specify “Untitled”)
      • your totally awesome poem (Put only your student ID on the poem)
        ***Do NOT put your name on your poem***

  3. Wait patiently for the judges' decision :)


Poetry Contest Winners Spring 2016

1st Place:

The First Bite

Men have always told me
I'd be prettier thinner.
The first man,
my pudgy stepdad,
always ate dessert
before dinner.
I’ve met many men
with such sweet teeth
whenever they bite down,
it hurts.

2nd Place

El Posole de Abuela

From the dirt roads in Ameca, Jalisco to the border town of Tijuana, Baja California
All the way to the cafes in Paris, France
Maria’s posole, a fiery color like that of molten hot lava
With hominy, soft to the bite as a white cookie.
Stir longing in others, but me.
The postcards came from all over the world.

Family and friends who had long dispersed, following their own journeys
Always wrote back about Maria’s posole.

She sat with her cracked hands, her gray-veins popping out like high ways
Stirring a pot of her infamous concoction
And I sat across from her with take out, ignoring what others across the world so desired.

“Tia, I wish I was having a plate of yours. Love, all the way from Paris, “
The latest post card read, with a glossy photo of the Eiffel Tower mocking me.
I kept on oblivious to the warm wonder that sat inches away from me, burger in hand.

I sit with the very same post card, in the same blue-tiled table
Wishing grandma were here sitting across from me
Postcards arriving about.
But grandma is gone.
And the postcards mock me still.

--Karla Enriquez

3rd Place

The Ice Cream Man

The taste of salt water runs south,
And the painful pressure in my throat begins to choke me.
I’m not the only one who waves down the man.
The man in van, with sweets for those who pay the price.
This big, built, broad, man, gives kids sweets.
Mom gives me money to give this man for sweets.
I don’t need money.
He gives me sweets for another price.
He has a son, same age, and size as me.
He wants to know if the undies fit just right.
My sweets come free, if I try them on for him.
They fit perfect.
Better than they should.
The man gets sweaty,
And the van gets hot.
He gives me my push-pop, and sends me on my way.

--Kimberly Salazar

Honorable Mention

What Rhymes with Banana?

If I make up
A word then it
Will rhyme. Shoot, I
Don't know. Monkeys everywhere.
Eating slimy, smelly bananas.
Let me tolerate bananas.
Stop putting them in
My food. Throw those
Bananas away. Gnats Gnats.
Ew, kill them. Dang
Bananas. No, don't give
Me that banana pudding.
How about some bananas
In your smoothie? How's
About not? You eat
Bananas almost everyday. Ah!
I throw most away.
Don't go saying nothing.

--Tahshae Catching

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