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Fine Arts Faculty

Fine Arts Faculty & Staff Contacts
Campus Main Telephone # 562.860.2451 (then dial extension)


Dr. Gary Pritchard (dean)   ext. 2602
Alva Acosta     ext. 2633
Debbie Buffington     ext. 2601

* = Departmental Chair or Co-Chair

Bonnie Barrett     ext. 2606 (office FA237)
Lisa Boutin-Vitela     ext. 2615 (office FA120)
Christina Fernandez *      ext. 2604 (office FA216)
Audra Graziano     ext. 2605 (office FA228)
Ed Heckerman     ext. 2605 (office FA217)
James Mac Devitt     ext. 2616 (office FA 112)
Kirk Miller     ext. 2609 (office FA233)
Hagop Najarian     ext. 2610 (office FA208)
Steven Portigal     ext. 2614 (office FA117)
Sergio Teran     ext. 2613 (office FA150)
Julie Trager     ext. 2989 (office FA119)
Chris Wilson     ext. 2607 (office FA233)

Art Gallery     ext. 2612 (FA107)
Ceramics Office     ext. 2611 (FA143)
Drawings Workroom     ext. 2792 (FA229)
Photo Lab     ext. 2620 (FA213)
Robert Ho ext. 2186 (office FA236)

Craig Breit*     ext. 2625 (office BC42) breit@cerritos.eduChristian Brown     ext. 2619 (office FA242)
Alicia Edquist     ext.2617 (office FA247)

Talon Marks Newspaper ext. 2618 (FA 42) editor@talonmarks.comWPMD Radio Station ext. 2626 (BC 42)

David Betancourt  ext. 2631 (office BC52D)
Anna DeMichele  ext. 2641 (office BC52C)
Christine Lopez      ext. 2632 (office BC52B)
Connie Mayfield     ext. 2634 (office BC54)
Andrew Maz*     ext. 2644 (office BC52E)

Micky England     ext. 2629 (department office BC52A)
Music Shop     ext. 2635 (BC59)

Reed Brown*     ext. 2648 (office SB24) rbrown@cerritos.eduRobert Campolo   ext. 2646 (office BC48)
Steven Hirohama   ext. 2637 (office FA118)
Brandt Reiter     ext. 2651 (office FA117)
Susan Watanabe   ext. 2649 (office BC41B)

Richard Crother     ext. 2653 (office BC21C) rcrother@cerritos.eduEtta Walton     ext. 2652 (office BC 221)
David Ward     ext. 2645 (office BC21C)
Performaning Arts Front Office     ext. 2640 (BC21D)
Scene Shop     ext. 2654 (BC30)
Costume Shop     ext. 2643 (BC10)

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