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Faculty Senate

Photos from 2013 Outstanding Faculty Awards Ceremony and Luncheon
  • Terry Price and Bob Chester
  • Terry Price with family
  • Bernice Watson, Terry Price, Miriam Tolson
  • Terry Price and Miodrag Micic
  • Dani Carrol, Adele Krayer and family
  • Trisha Raniewicz, Karen Welliver, Ni Bueno, Dan Smith
  • Trisha Raniewicz, Karen Welliver
  • Helene Wagner and Guest
  • Chet Harbut, Connie Boardman, Susan LePere
  • Ann Voorhies and Christine Arfwedson
  • Tom Jackson and JoAnna Schilling
  • Bob Chester and JoAnna Schilling
  • Bonnie Helberg and JoAnna Schilling
  • Kirk Miller and JoAnna Schilling
  • Linda Palumbo and JoAnna Schilling
  • Joseph Van De Mortel and JoAnna Schilling
  • Karen Welliver and JoAnna Schilling
  • Jan Connal and JoAnna Schilling
  • Georgia Well and JoAnna Schilling
  • Jon Bender and Bob Chester
  • Froylan Cabuto and Bob Chester
  • Frank Gaik and Bob Chester
  • Adelle Krayer and Bob Chester
  • Susan LePere and Bob Chester
  • Terrance Mullins and Bob Chester
  • Solomon Namala and Bob Chester
  • Trishsa Raniewiez and Bob Chester
  • Kimberly Rosenfeld and Bob Chester
  • Ann Voohies and Bob Chester
  • Helene Wagner and Bob Chester
  • Miriam Tolson, Ann Voohies,
  • Terrance Mullins and family
  • Kimberly Rosenfeld and Helene Wagner
  • Kimberly Rosenfeld and Guest
  • Kimberly Rosenfeld, and Helene Wagner and guest
  • Tom Jackson, Solomon Namala and Hagop Najarian

About the Senate

As stated in the Faculty Senate by-laws, the main purpose of the Senate is to 1) study, with assistance of as many faculty members as is feasible, matters related to academic and professional standards and affairs of the College; and 2) make recommendations to the administration and/or Governing Board. The membership of the Senate consists of full-time academic persons who do not perform any services for the College that require an administrative or supervisory credential, or whose major assignment is not administrative in nature, and who are tenured. Senators are elected by division (see by-laws for details). Senate leadership consists of the Senate President, Vice President, and Secretary. Meetings are held in the Cheryl A. Epple Board Room on Tuesdays (except the third Tuesday) during the fall and spring semester from 11:05 AM - 12:20 PM.

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