Senate Committees 2017-2018

Senate Committee on Academic Excellence

Teresa CheathamChairperson: Teresa Cheathan, 
Ext. 2804
3rd Tuesday's
11:00 a.m.

Faculty Representatives on the Committee

  • Debra Johnson, Business Ed
  • Marvelina Barcelo, Counseling
  • David Betancourt, Fine Arts/Comm
  • Dani Carrol, Health Occ
  • Janet Sanderson, HPEDA
  • Mark Abbruzzese, Hum/SS
  • Lorraine Gersitz, Library
  • Teresa Cheatham, Liberal Arts
  • Vacant, Student Services
  • Cheryl Shimazu, SEM
  • Felicia Smith, Technology

Senate Committee on Chairs Council

Amy HolzgangAmy Holzgang - Co Chair - Ext. 2768 Contact Amyemail link




  Carl StammerjohnCarl Stammerjohn - Co Chair - Ext. 2914 Contact Carl



Department Chairs List PDF document

Senate Committee on Curriculum
Carrie EdwardsChairperson: Carrie Edwards,  
Ext. 2876
2nd and 4th Thursday
1:30 p.m.
Cheryl A. Epple Board Room

Faculty Representatives on the Committee

  • Vykki Morgan, Business Ed
  • Ken Matsuura, Counseling
  • Andrew Maz, Fine Arts, Comm
  • Jessie Lopez, Health Occ
  • Carrie Edwards, HPEA
  • John Haas, Hum/SS
  • Nishi Shah-Williams, Liberal Arts
  • Monica Lopez, Library
  • Jack Wilson, SEM
  • Judi Holmes, Student Services
  • Mickey Micic, Technology

Senate Committee on Faculty Hiring Standards

Bob LivingstonChairperson:
Bob Livingston, Ext. 2744 
Meetings: 3rd Tuesday
11:00 a.m.
BE 118

Faculty Representatives on the Committee

  • Bob Livingston, Business Ed
  • Rocio Casillas, Counseling
  • James MacDevitt, Fine Arts/Comm
  • Donna Wendell, Health Occ
  • Benny Artiga, HPEA
  • Walter Fernandez, Hum/SS
  • Ed Kelly, Liberal Arts
  • Deb Moore, Library
  • Dmitri Budarin, SEM
  • Elizabeth Page, Student Services
  • Mickey Micic, Technology

Senate Committee on Faculty Professional Development

Photo Not available 


Meetings:  3rd Tuesday
                 11:00 a.m.

Faculty Representatives on the Committee

  • Business Ed
  • Counseling
  • Fine Arts/Comm
  • Health Occ
  • HPEA
  • Hum/SS
  • Liberal Arts
  • Library
  • SEM
  • Student Services
  • Technology


Senate Committee on Instructional Program Review

Chairperson: Co-Chairs:
Angela Conley, Co-Chair Ext. 2698 - Stephanie Rosenblatt, 2416

Photo Not available Angie Conley, Co-Chair Ext. 2698


Stephanie RosenblattStephanie Rosenblatt, Co-Chair Ext. 2416

1st and 3rd Tuesday
3:00 p.m.

SS 141

Faculty Representatives on the Committee

    • Mark Fronke, Business Ed
    • Jan Connal, Counseling
    • Lisa Boutin-Vitela, Fine Arts/Comm
    • Ernest Lew, Health Occ
    • Sergio Macias, HPEDA
    • Sunday Obazuaye, Hum/SS
    • Mark Olague, Liberal Arts
    • Stephanie Rosenblatt, Library
    • Angela Conley, SEM
    • Ruben Foat, Technology 

Senate Committee on Professional Relations

Chairperson: Joseph Van De Mortel,

Photo Not Available
Ext. 2760
3rd Tuesday
11:00 a.m.

LC 57

Faculty Representatives on the Committee

  • Peter Moloney, Business Ed
  • Clara Ross-Jones, Counseling
  • Pending, Fine Arts/Comm
  • Lydia Cosio, Health Occ
  • Lee Ann Mcllroy, Liberal Arts
  • Vacant, FSA Officer
  • Joseph Van De Mortel, Hum/SS
  • Lorraine Gersitz, Library
  • Thomas Caines, HPEA
  • Phuong Nguyen, SEM
  • Don Garriott,  Student Services
  • Nina Motruk, Technology

Senate Committee on Sabbatical Leave

Julie BathkeChairperson: Julie Bathke, 
Ext. 2580
11:00 a.m.
LC 62


Faculty Representatives on the Committee

  • Cindy Moriarty, Business Ed
  • Sheela Hoyle, Counseling
  • Christine Lopez, Fine Arts/Comm
  • Julie Bathke, Health Occ
  • Debbie Jensen, HPEA
  • Julie Davis, Hum/SS
  • Koleen Kat, Liberal Arts
  • Paula Pereira, Library
  • Manuel Lopez, SEM
  • Tony Fortner, Technology

Senate Committee on Student Learning Outcomes

Mark FronkeChairperson: Mark Fronke, Ext. 2716
2nd and 4th Monday
SS 141

 Faculty Representatives on the Committee

  • Peter Moloney, Business Ed
  • Traci Ukita, Counseling
  • Sergio Teran, Fine Arts/Comm
  • Ann Voorhies, Health Occ
  • Rebekah Davidson, HPEA
  • Ana Torres-Bower, Hum/SS
  • Chad Greene, Liberal Arts
  • Debra Moore, Library
  • Chase Tydell, SEM
  • Steven La Vigne,Student Services
  • Rossi Petrova, Technology  

Senate Committee on Technology-Based Learning

Chairperson: Co-Chairs: Cynthia Alexander, Ext. 2794/Debbie Jensen, Ext. 2867 

 Photo Not Available Cynthia Alexander, Co-Chair Ext. 2794


Photo Not Available Debbie Jensen, Co-Chair, Ext. 2867
1st Thursday
11:00 a.m.

Faculty Representatives on the Committee

  • Mary Ellen Brady, Business Ed
  • Sheela Hoyle, Counseling
  • Pending, Fine Arts/Comm
  • Pending, Health Occ
  • Diane Keenan, Hum/SS
  • Linda Hua, Liberal Arts
  • Chris Richardson, HPEA
  • Deb Moore, Library
  • Ian McCance, SEM
  • Rachel Martinez, Student Services
  • Charlie Robertson, Technology